Yorkshire Wildlife Park

Tomorrow we start our mini adventure to Norway but we were also off work today and yesterday. Yesterday wasn’t very exciting as we waited in for a parcel, went shopping and played a board game (Keltis; a Spiel des Jahres winner that I got for my birthday).

But today we went to Yorkshire Wildlife Park! We saw lots of animals, including meerkats, porcupine, baboons, zebra, ostrich, mara, camels, a skunk, an owl and some hawks. My favourites were the lemurs, giraffes, tigers, leopards and lions though.

The lemurs were loads of fun as they were bounding around and up and were very playful. The tiger was awesome too – it was quite far away from us in its enclosure but you could still see how big and powerful it was. It did seem a tad bored though.

The leopards were really beautiful. They weren’t as big as the tiger but they didn’t seem fully mature (though I’m sure even fully grown leopards are smaller than tigers anyway). There were two we could see, in different enclosures. They mostly prowled the perimeter though; again this seemed a little bit sad as I thought they might have wanted (more) freedom.

The giraffes lived just opposite and I really liked them. They came loping out when their keeper enticed them with food but they just seemed quite smiley – if that’s possible!

The last animal see saw were the lions. There are three prides there altogether, in one large enclosure which is divided by a body of water. They’d just been fed when we got there so we saw one female licking a bone dry and chewing it to make sure she’d got every scrap of meat. It wasn’t easy to see all of the lions from the main area but we wandered around the path to a bridge where the fencing didn’t get in the way. I heard a rumbly noise and thought it was a park vehicle at first, until I saw two females running long and play fighting. I think one was purring but I couldn’t believe how loud it was. Then they proceeded to roll about on their backs, just like Lyra does, and okay fight some more. It was really awesome to see. They even did a bit of a roar at one of the male lions on the other side and it got their attention and the other prides!

Mr. j took some photos too. I’m on my phone so cant embed them easily but I”ll add them in later! If you’re super keen check out Flickr.com/grahamjenks

Yorkshire Wildlife Park - July 2013-016-2.jpg

Yorkshire Wildlife Park - July 2013-019-2.jpg

Yorkshire Wildlife Park - July 2013-022-2.jpg

Yorkshire Wildlife Park - July 2013-037-2.jpg

Yorkshire Wildlife Park - July 2013-057-2.jpg

Yorkshire Wildlife Park - July 2013-062-2.jpg

Yorkshire Wildlife Park - July 2013-066-2.jpg

Yorkshire Wildlife Park - July 2013-072-2.jpg

Yorkshire Wildlife Park - July 2013-087-2.jpg

Yorkshire Wildlife Park - July 2013-093-2.jpg

Yorkshire Wildlife Park - July 2013-124.jpg



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