42 days….

It’s been almost 2 weeks since Mr.J went back to work and we’re all still functioning…although perhaps not at 100%!  We’ve had some good nights and some not so good nights but I think A is slowly starting to develop his own routine and he does know the difference between day and night now.

I’m trying to do one thing a day so we’ve been to babytime at the library and sung (and learnt, in my case!) nursery rhymes, met a friend for a cuppa and a huge scone, had a visit from Aunty W, been to a playtime session with people from the sling group and tried some different slings on, met another friend for coffee, went to WI committee and spectacularly messed up by going to the dentist a day early.  Thankfully on the latter it meant that I hadn’t missed my appointment and because Aunty W is wonderful she came back to babysit the next day so I could endure my 45 minute dentist appointment and have my new crown prepped – such fun!  I did nothing last Friday though as after a day and a bit of A guzzling too much milk and proceeding to see just how much of me and the soft furnishings he could cover in sick after every feed, I gave up with the notion of leaving the house when A was on his 3rd outfit of the day and I was sat in my undies and a dressing gown at 3pm as A had just thrown up all over me.  I was fine when he chundered directly in my face at 2am the previous night as it projected sufficiently that no change of clothes were needed but by Friday afternoon I settled for a pseudo PJ day!

The health visitor is coming this morning to weigh, and maybe measure, A.  I’ll report back on his vital statistics later but I’d guess he’d be pushing 11lb now.  He certainly feels big and strong when I’m carrying him and he’s trying to break new records for holding his head up on his own all the time.  For now here are a few of my snappy snaps (though they might not be in focus!) …



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