2 months (tomorrow)

Things must be settling down if I can post twice in under 2 weeks! As I said in my last post, I think we’re really lucky to be getting a fair bit of sleep so I was definitely worried about what would happen after A had his vaccinations…

We started the Wednesday with Babytime at the library. This is essentially an hour of ‘free’ time for parents and their kids to read and play in the library, followed by 15 minutes of nursery rhymes. We’ve been a couple of times and so far A has slept for most of the time but this week he was wide awake and very interested in watching the other babies. He also seems to have ‘found his arms’ and was merrily windmilling them around and often bashing himself in the face.  He’s also started to smile more regularly now and make a few different sounds and sometimes have little conversations with us, which is simply heart-warming for my soppy self!  He’s still changing so much and once again we’ve had to exile another batch of clothes into the attic.


It was chucking it down so I decided to use the pram to go to the doctors, at least until A screamed and screeched and turned bright red when he was lying down in it. I tried pushing it a little as that usually settles him but to no avail so off we went in the sling and Mr.Js waterproof and he was fast asleep before we got to the top of the street! The Dr weighed A (he’s now 5.58kg so he’s put on 580g in 2 weeks!), measured his head (he didn’t tell me the size) and checked him over, all whilst A decided to scream the surgery down as he was once again lying down. I asked if I’d be checked but was basically told there was no need as I didn’t have a caesarean. I said that I wanted to start exercising again so was worried about my stomach muscles knitting back together and was also told they’d be fine from all the baby carrying. I just gave up tying to be examined at this point. At no stage has anyone asked about PND, and whilst I am totally fine this disappoints me and scares me as I’m sure there are women who do need help and support.

The next step was vaccinations with the nurse. A had just calmed down when the mean nurse stabbed him with the pointy needle. His tiny leg tensed right up when it was done and we got a couple of tears too so I felt incredibly mean turning him around to have the second injection in his other leg. He screamed his little heart out, flailed his arms and legs and remained puce whilst he was given the oral vaccine too. I gave him a big cuddle afterwards, dressed him and got him back in the sling and once again he settled down within a minute. It also made me feel better to have him snuggled up next to me; I love slinging!

Sadly he couldn’t stay in the sling forever and we did have a difficult and grumbly afternoon of feeding followed by wind and crying and then inconsolable tears and screaming. This carried on into the evening so I broke out the big guns and sang ‘One finger one thumb…’ whilst bobbing up and down and doing laps of the living room.  Either he just couldn’t take the singing any more or he had worn himself out from crying as he went to sleep shortly afterwards an then slept from 10.30pm to 6.30am.  Unfortunately I didn’t manage to sleep for all of that time as I kept stirring every time A whimpered (and trumped; he does that quite a lot of night when he relaxes!) I woke up and, in case this is too much information everyone I’ve put the next bit in white font so you’ll have to highlight to read it….my boobs felt as though they might explode!!

One of the benefits of waking up at 6.30am means that I feed A in bed then get him ready for the day, get my breakfast (and feed him again) and more often than not, he will go back to sleep again and that’s exactly what happened on Thursday.  So, at 7.30am when he feel asleep, I did Jillian Michaels’ 30 Day Shred workout.  I’ve done it before a couple of times but not for a while (obviously) and I found it pretty hard going even when I was moderately fit so I was super pumped to complete the level 1 workout.  I did do the lower intensity variations but I was still well chuffed for managing it all and I was even more excited to get a shower and get dressed before A woke up – win, win!  I felt so energised from doing some exercise too and a teeny bit smug when I met up with some other sling-Mums at Towsure later on and resisted the temptation to have a giant scone for lunch and instead had a (slightly healthier) tuna and cheese toastie.

We had a very lazy day on Friday though.  We made a sticky toffee pudding ahead of visitors coming on Saturday and we had a little wander around the park with AW where we bumped into another sling Mum – we’re everywhere!!  We had another good nights sleep on Friday as A slept from midnight to 8am (after tanking up from 10.30 to midnight!); however, I had been planning to do Parkrun so an 8am wake up was a bit late for me to get my breakfast and make sure A was well fed.  But, Mr.J was happy to risk a hungry A so I nervously set off out in my baggiest sports clothes (and Mr.Js hoodie as I belatedly realised I was likely to be ‘running’ slowly enough to not get too hot).  I made my way to the back of the group and texted Mr.J to tell him to come and get (save!) me if A was super hungry…. however, he didn’t magically appear so i had to set off with everyone else.

Although my effort of Parkrun was not short, I will keep my recollection of it brief as I’ve blogged about how I feel about it previously!  In essence, it was flipping hard work.  I was lapped before I’d completed my first (of three) laps but I was really happy to complete it as I really wasn’t sure if I’d be able to manage one, two or three laps and I was also pleased that I ran (plodded) the whole way.  My time was 34.24; a far cry from my PB of 25:21 but that was done when I was playing hockey and netball once a week and fairly fit.  The positive side of such a slow time is that I really should be able to knock off a few minutes if I start to do some more regular exercise.  We shall have to wait and see about that I guess!

Our plans for the weekend changed slightly as we went to our friends house instead of them coming to us but we had a very lovely time and even had the bonus of playing a board game and today we also had a last minute invite for a lamb roast dinner at AW with Great Grandad Bob too.  As usual, lunch was delicious and we’ve all had a great weekend (especially Mr.J who is still very chuffed about Liverpool beating Arsenal 5-1), but now it’s time for bed.  Night night everyone.



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