10 weeks!

Doing a bit of multitasking here (feeding and writing) so this may not be the best written blog ever (when is it ever though!!).  I have four things to share today:

  1. How awesome is A?
  2. Craft
  3. Banana eating
  4. Baking

1:  How awesome is A? Erm…. totally!!  He’s more alert and aware now; he’s learnt to stick his tongue out and is a lot more smiley now too which is lovely.  His head control is good and still improving (I think I’ll be able to back carry soon!) and he really wants to be sat up a lot and is trying to push up and stand up on his legs as well.  He also likes watching the Winter Olympics; especially the ice hockey! We estimated his weight last night (me on our scales and then me and him) and he’s about 6kg now so we’ll be buying size 3 nappies this week.  That’s not much of a surprise though as we spend pretty much most of every evening feeding!  That’s harder work than it sounds and explains my absence from Park Run last week A fed from about 6.30pm to 11pm on Friday evening and I was super exhausted so there was no way I was dragging myself round the park 3 times in the atrocious weather; I’m not quite that mental.  Here are a few snaps from my phone of A looking super cute:

2:  Crafts.  Sadly, I do not have any photos of my crafts but I spent some time on Saturday and Sunday sewing and pimping/ruining some old clothes to turn them into breastfeeding-friendly clothes.  I cut and re-sewed straps on vest tops, I’ve inserted material and poppers into the straps of a dress based on this principle, and I made a long sleeved version of one of these types of tops.  The strap inserts on the dress work really well but my execution was sloppy at best as I didn’t measure or pin a single thing and just did it all by eye but the main thing is that it works and since it’s extremely unlikely I’ll be wearing it without a cardigan my pimping won’t be seen!  The vest top was easy and looks fine and I’ll definitely be making the same modification to some other vests but the other top is now in the bin.  The principle of it was fine but I used a baggy long sleeved top and a tight t shirt and I also messed up and didn’t leave the top part of the main t shirt long enough.  But, I’ll definitely be doing it again but I will buy two identical t shirts as I think that’s fairly important.  I’ll try and post some pics of all of these soon anyway!

3:  Banana eating.  Yep, you read that correctly! If you’d told me a year ago that I would be eating banana I would have laughed heartily in your face and also mimed vomiting.  It’s fairly common knowledge that I don’t like ANY fruit; I once ran into the living room and exclaimed “Dad, I just A grape” –  I was 18.  So, although I’ve kept trying to eat some of the healthier things which I don’t like over the years, fruit is something that I’ve made no progress with.  But, in an effort to be able to show A how yummy fruit is I decided I needed to make a concerted effort at eating some fruit and since Mr.J doesn’t even like touching bananas I figured bananas were going to be down to me.  I started out by mushing up about 1/4 of a banana and putting this at the bottom of my porridge bowl.  I ate it all and I didn’t wretch so the next day I had 1/4 of a banana cut into very thin slices on the top of the porridge.  I actually preferred this so I’ve been slowly increasing the amount of banana and today I had about 1/2 a banana cut into ‘regular’ thickness slices and I even ate some of the slices entirely on their own without porridge accompaniment.  I wasn’t brave enough to try to pieces of no-porridge-banana consecutively today but I’m definitely making progress and although I can’t say I ‘like’ banana I think I could do a convincing job for A!

Today's banana porridge

4:  Baking.  On Friday I made a banana loaf (as although I was making progress on banana eating, a couple were definitely going to be over-ripe before I got to them).  I used a recipe from my Hummingbird Bakery book and it literally turned out amazingly well which was great as the lemon drizzle loaves I’ve made in that tin have always collapsed a bit.  It tasted good too, even if I do say so myself, so I forced a very reluctant Mr.J to try it and he liked it so I’m sure I’ll be making that again.  I also made chocolate brownies and carrot cake muffins on Sunday for Mr.J to take into work on Monday.  Needless to say I will be aiming to do a 30 day shred and/or Park Run this week to try and work off some of the calories!!


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  1. Glad to see you making progress on the banana eating front, apples and grapes next! Love reading your blogs, motherhood really suits you!xx

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