3 months and our first family holiday!

Well, there’s quite a bit to share and not a lot of time to do it as there’s washing to put on the line and hoovering to do….

A is currently having a smashing time on his baby gym.  He is particularly enamoured by Firenze the Firefly and his crinkly wings and also with Malcolm the Monkey and his rattly tummy.  He also loves munching Malcolm’s ear.  His movements are much smoother and more directed now and he is aiming for the toys he likes most and succeeding in bashing them almost all of the time now, even when they’re already moving from the last bosh!  He’s also started grabbing and holding them too, especially Malcolm.  We know that he likes them as he keeps telling us with all the new sounds he’s learnt and smiling lots.  The first time he made one of the new sounds he enjoyed it so much he carried on and it turned into a laugh!!  Sadly we weren’t quick enough to video this but me and Mr.J were both there to hear it which was really lovely.  We think we’ve also just started the very earliest stages of teething as there’s a lot of hand eating and dribbling going on, as well as some fussiness in the evenings which is helped by munching on my fingers.  We went to get weighed last week and he was 6.2kg, so he’s still following his 50th centile growth line, even though you might think otherwise when you look at those chubby cheeks and all those chins.

Lake District - March 2014-39 Lake District - March 2014-40 Lake District - March 2014-41

Based on all the lovely sounds he has been making I think it’s safe to say that A enjoyed his first holiday.  We certainly did!  We stayed in a beautiful cottage in the Lake District and as well as lovely company from GM and VPM, we had pretty good weather for the first week in March.  We celebrated VPMs birthday with a lazy day indoors with American pancake brunch and a lovely meal out.  We transformed ourselves from casual…

Lake District - March 2014-13 Lake District - March 2014-11

to Sunday best for the meal – ta da!

Lake District - March 2014-18

On Monday the weather was great so we took a scenic drive up to Keswick and over some dramatic passes.  We had a picnic lunch, complete with hot drinks made on GMs MSR, by a lake (I wasn’t paying enough attention to know which) and we saw some zoomy RAF planes fly by which was very exciting.  A also had his nappy changed on the car bonnet which some passing cyclists found amusing!

Lake District - March 2014-26 Lake District - March 2014-23 Lake District - March 2014-21 Lake District - March 2014-20

On Tuesday we strolled around Tarn Hows before another lovely pub lunch followed by an afternoon of games (Perudo, Oz Fluxx and Bananagrams) by the fire and pancakes for tea!

Lake District - March 2014-32 Lake District - March 2014-30 Lake District - March 2014-29 Lake District - March 2014-28 Lake District - March 2014-34

On Wednesday, we visited South Lakeland Wild Animal Park:

Lake District - March 2014-58 Lake District - March 2014-57 Lake District - March 2014-56

 Lake District - March 2014-55 Lake District - March 2014-54 Lake District - March 2014-53

Lake District - March 2014-50 Lake District - March 2014-51

On Thursday, we had a yummy breakfast sandwich from Grandad Bob’s burger van before we visited Great Grandma Iris in the afternoon and had a yummy Chinese takeaway to celebrate our wedding anniversary. On Friday we started to walk up Gummers How but it was very windy and even slippier after a lot of rainfall in the night so we decided to be safe and just go for another pub lunch!   That also meant that we had plenty of time to pack and get in a game of Ticket to Ride in the evening, which me and VPM won playing as a pair!


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