100 days

A is 100 days old tomorrow.  As I always say, the time really has flown by and it’s already hard to remember how tiny he was and how little sleep we got in those first few weeks!

A is getting even stronger now and is doing his own abdominal crunches; lifting his head up and rolling his legs up too.  Once he gets a helping hand he can sit up fairly well with just a hand supporting his back now.  He wobbles about a bit and likes to show how flexible he is by slowly leaning forwards until he’s eating his toes but it makes him happy!  He is even more keen to stand too; when you try to sit him down he just locks his legs out until you hold him standing.  This is very inconvenient when you’re trying to eat or drink but we thought he might be ready to try the door bouncer we got given and he seemed to enjoy it.  He also went in an entertainment centre thingie today at a Mum’s group and he loved that so we may have to see if we can find room for one in the house.  He’s also getting much more co-ordinated and now maintains a good grasp of objects and gets them into his mouth, especially my fingers, Mr.Js nose and soft toys ears.  He has belatedly auditioned for the Norwegian curling team too as he has sported some jazzy trousers courtesy of Aunty C…

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Grandad Bob kindly got my baby photos out and it was only after looking at them that I realised how much A looked like me when I was a baby.  Poor kid!!


Since I last wrote we haven’t done anything tremendously exciting (what’s new?!).  We went to a free baby signing session at the Central library.  You sing nursery rhymes with different words and sign along with them.  A is still too young to really understand anything and it was definitely tricky trying to prop him up and sign with both hands but I learnt a few signs and the basic principles.  I’m pretty sure we’ll sign up to do a proper course as I think it will be really helpful for A to be able to communicate even a few key words (milk and more would probably be a great start I think!).  I learnt the signs for: milk, more, more, eat, drink, duck, lamb, chick, penguin, turtle, splash, bath, and bubble.  I should have asked what the sign was for ‘nappy change’ since A did an enormous poo as I think he must like those pull down change tables which mean I have to do everything sideways on!!

I played hockey last week for the second time since A was born.  I am still saddened by how little my level of play has altered after having almost a year off; I guess it’s not such a bad thing though as it means I can just slot back in where I was.  I can’t manage quite as many sprints as before though and don’t quite have enough juice to keep up with the nifty men just yet but hopefully that will come back.  I didn’t ache quite as much on the following day though, or the day after so that’s also progress.  What was really nice was that we’re now trying to do a bit of a bed time routine and that A was asleep when I left and stayed that way so I wasn’t as worried as the previous time when I left and he was wide awake.

And, whilst I’m on the subject of the bedtime routine I will mention that we’re trying to do one now and it’s going OK I think.  A has started to sleep in the evenings from around 7.30-8pm; it’s really bizarre for him to be upstairs and for us to be downstairs without him though and I’ve not got used to it yet.  Even though we have the baby monitor on one of us pops up to check on him fairly regularly still!  The fall out from the evening sleeping seems to be more night time wakings though.  It’s varied from just 2 times to about 5 times but he’s also got the snuffles a bit recently so that may have had an impact too.  He seems fine in the day time but sounds like a little piglet at night as he seems all bunged up.

I’m starting to notice more of a pattern in the day too and whilst I’ve surprised myself with how laid back I’ve been and just doing whatever, whenever, I think I will enjoy having a more structured day, if that does happen.  I’m sure that by the time I’ve figured it out it will change!  The emergence of the afternoon nap is promising though as I’m hoping I’ll have an hour or two to get other stuff done.  I’m not too bad at getting the washing done but finding the time to hoover is more tricky (or I just procrastinate more with the hoovering!).  I do need to work on transferring A from me to somewhere else when he’s napping though or I won’t be able to make good use of the nap time other than to read. Speaking of which I’ve read ‘Gone Girl’, the latest Hollows book by Kim Harrison and the first book in the Mortal Instruments series.  I’m waiting for the next Mortal Instruments book from the library now as I enjoyed the easy cheesy fantasy (as usual).

At the weekend we all went to the supermarket (rock and roll) for the first time in ages as we’ve been using online since A was born and to keep things super exciting we all went to watch a steam train (two black 5s, Mr.Js second favourite I think pics here if you’re keen!).  Me and A stayed in the car (reading and sleeping respectively) and let Mr.J enjoy the windy weather and then we enjoyed an impromptu lunch out.  On Sunday we watched the Australian GP and then tidied garden up (brushing the artificial grass is harder than it looks) before we watched Liverpool beat Man U, much to Mr.Js pleasure!

Lastly, I thought I’d give you all a banana update.  I cannot believe this but I can now eat a banana straight out of the skin.  I still prefer it with porridge but I have now eaten two whole (one very large!) bananas entirely on their own.  I’ve now moved on to blueberries on porridge and also to just eating strawberries and grapes too.  Time for Mr.J to pick up some of the slack I reckon!!!!!



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