4 months

I don’t have too much to say today as nothing super eventful has happened lately but today marks two landmarks; A is 4 months old and it’s also exactly a year ago that we found out I was pregnant.  Mr.J was in India at the time so he couldn’t see the blue line on the pregnancy test very well as I waved it in front of the webcam as we Skyped and I think we were both in a bit of shock really but it was certainly a very memorable experience!

The tension in the household continues to rise as Liverpool are still in with a chance of winning the Premier League.  It’s already clear that A is a Liverpool fan but he certainly showed his support at the weekend as he was waving Daddy’s scarf around!  I think he was trying to eat it really but Mr.J thinks otherwise….

Come on Liverpool!


A is sleeping a bit better again now (thankfully!) and just waking up a couple of times for milk and I’m also trying to pay more attention to his daytime nap routine to make sure he’s getting enough sleep during the day too.  We’ve not got a schedule or anything like that; I’m just taking notes on his natural patterns and trying to spot his sleepy cues so I can take advantage of the naps and have a cup of coffee!!  I think we’ve had some more teething action this week as Tuesday was a day of poo after poo and poo after poo, a very red bottom, not wanting any milk at all, hand (mine and his) chomping and a river of drool.  It was a fun day (thank goodness for Calpol!)…. What was fun was seeing just how close he got to rolling over though.  He’s tantalisingly close and I think he knows it as he’s grunting away and getting frustrated that he can’t do it but then gets really upset if you help him. But on the whole he’s mostly been very cheerful, and a little bit cheeky as he’s also learnt to stick his tongue out and decided that peek a boo is very entertaining so we have lots of smiles and giggles playing together 🙂

Russell Tovey look-a-like? Smiley happy people Cheeky!


As for me, I have been hoping to take advantage of a longer afternoon nap so that I can do some sewing as I really want to make some suck pads for the Connecta but I’ve only got as far as ironing the material and cutting one of the pieces out.  Now that I have evenings back I really should do it then but I was at hockey yesterday so I’m hobbling around today and Mr.J and I have been watching lots of TV.  I’m loving The Walking Dead at the moment and we’ve ploughed through Parks and Recreation too as we’re already on season 5.  We also watched the last How I Met Your Mother last week.  The whole of this last season has not been that good in my opinion but we obviously had to see it through and get to the end of the story.  We’ve been watching it pretty much since we first moved in together so it somehow seems like the end of an era but we’ve got a lot of stuff on the Sky+ box to watch and I’m really hoping we can get A down promptly one evening when we’re both in and watch the next Hobbit film soon!


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