20 weeks

Lots to say but I’m writing this on my phone whilst breastfeeding so it won’t be a long one!  Since my last (written) update A has had his final set of vaccinations for a while and his sleep has improved. We’re still getting wake ups at about 1 and 4am but that’s lots better than every hour and a half.

We had a lovely time at Easter and the following weekend with visits from all the grandparents and A was a very lucky boy as he got lots of lovely books and clothes for Easter gifts. He is still teasing us by occasionally rolling onto his side but no rolling over as yet. He is putting a lot of effort into tummy time though and can push his way back up the bath now so who knows what will happen first?! I’m torn between excitement for seeing him do new things and also fear that once he is moving around I will sink to new levels of exhaustion trying to keep up with him.

He’s also even more dribbly than ever and almost EVERYTHING he can grab is going into his mouth, including the lemon wedge he took off my plate at lunch out this week.  No photos as I had my hands full with him but it’s safe to say he didn’t really like it given the face he pulled!

Hungry caterpillar Glasses

He does like dressing gowns though, since he’s taken comfort in Aunty Ws, Aunty Cs and most recently Daddy’s when I was out playing hockey this week. I just cant believe how big he looks here. He weighed in at 16lb (7.25kg) last week, still diligently following the 50th centile.

Dressing gown!

Alas, feeding is done and A is asleep so I must hoover. Boooo.


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