22 weeks

Apologies in advance for the numerous mistakes which will inevitably occur in this post as I’m super zonked.  I think A may be experimenting on me to identify the minimal number of hours consecutive sleep that someone (me!) can function on.  Whilst Mr.J would probably disagree, I think I’ve retained a moderate amount of functionality on only 2 hours consecutive sleep in the last two nights.  I have slept for more than 2 hours in total, just not in blocks of more than 45-60 minutes.  Sleeplessness aside, we’ve been having lots of fun this week!

A has played with more food, including brocoli, porridge fingers, banana, mango, blueberry pancakes, toast, pork and chicken.  He especially liked the pork and the chicken but it all seems munchable to him.  I’m not sure what is more enjoyable; watching A exploring and pulling faces or watching Mr.J getting squeamish at all the mess, especially wiping As hands! Whilst we’re very much in the “food is just for fun” camp, A is already starting to show us how (im)patient and determined he is as he does get upset when he can’t pick things up himself.  I’ve no idea where he gets those personality traits from…..


WP_20140512_001 WP_20140513_013

We’ve also been swimming for the first time this week!  I have to say I was dreading it and have put it off for weeks but A enjoyed it and it wasn’t as logistically difficult as I’d imagined. No swimming pics (as I had my hands full!) but here’s a ‘before’ shot 🙂  We did a ‘swim a song’ class at the leisure centre so it was directed rather than just me splashing about and that was great.  The lady threw water up to splash their faces and we used woggles and balls and cups A was having lots of fun kicking and splashing.  I went with some other Mums who I’d just done a baby massage course with so we all helped each other with getting changed and supervising babies afterwards.  It wasn’t that difficult for me though as A decided he was hungry towards the end so I got out to feed him and he fell asleep.  I think he’d worn himself out from all the effort!


We’ve had no more rolling over, or even much attempt to as I think he’s decided to skip that and just try and walk.  I thought it was a fluke the other day when he took two steps forwards when I was holding him standing up but he has repeated and done more steps several times now, though most of the time it looks like he’s doing a crap version of Riverdance a shis legs mostly just go up and down randomly.  It’s flipping ridiculous though!!  He can’t sit up on his own, he can barely roll over one way and he definitely can’t crawl but all he wants to do is stand and walk.  If you sit him down, he pushes himself up off you to stand up (and dives to floor unintentionally) and if you lie him down he makes it very clear that he wants to be standing up; again, showing us his determination, frustration and impatience all at once.  I am only now beginning to understand how much of a pain in the a*** I must be and can only imagine the fun we’re all going to have in the future!  Once he’s up and about he’s very happy though so we’re both loving the activity centre at the moment as he can stand and play and I can join in without knackering myself (or I can hoover but that’s not as fun obviously).

He must definitely be like me in personality as he really loves his Daddy (sorry if that’s a bit bleurgh!) as Mr.J always gets lots of laughs when he comes home and plays….  It’s very lovely to watch, though I think sometimes he is just laughing at Mr.J as I do the same things with him and he doesn’t laugh then!




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