27 weeks

Just a quickie this week.

Got A weighed last week. A is diligently following the 50th centile so was 17lb 6 oz at 6 months.

Baby led weaning going well.  Mess everywhere.  A really likes meat and yorkshire puddings.  And pretty much everything really.  I am amazed by his dexterity and how quickly it’s improved too. He was very good at getting stuff into his mouth already but he can pick up quite small pieces of food now even when his hands and the tray are covered in all the mushy food goo.  He’s got the hang of chewing and swallowing properly now too.  Yay! Not so yay is that this means bye bye baby poo, hello smelly food poo.

Sitting up.  He’s totally nailed it now.

Rolling.  Meh.  He CBA with that it seems!  Making me bend over so I can hold on to his hands whilst he ‘walks’ is waaaay more fun!


Chattering.  Yep; he’s added some ‘tuh’ and some clicking sounds to his repertoire now.  It was only when Grandma and Grandad J visited at the weekend and noted that the shrieking and cheeky cough had stopped that I realised they had.  I am quite glad the shrieking has ceased!

Sleep.  What’s that?!  No, seriously.  It has got a teeny bit better this week but he’s had a cough and a snotty nose  for a couple of weeks now so we’ve not managed > 3 hours consecutive sleep for a looong while.  I reaaallly want this cold to do one now please.  In A’s defence, he doesn’t cry lots or start chattering in a wide awake manner but he does enough to stir you from sleep.  I honestly cannot remember picking him up from his Moses basket most nights so I don’t fully wake up all the time (phew!) and that means that he pretty much ends up sleeping next to me as I just fall back to sleep.  I wanted to try and find a chart showing the decline in both the number of hours and the quality of sleep we’re getting but I couldn’t find anything.  I did find this though which made me laugh (but probably wont be funny if you don’t have kids or cats, sorry).  None of these quite match us; it’s more Mr.J on his side of the bed as normal, A where I would sleep and me squished in the middle on my side in a 50/10/40 split of the width of the bed.

Source: http://hd.zeewallpaper.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/06/funny-baby-sleeping-with-parents-1.jpg
Source: http://hd.zeewallpaper.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/06/funny-baby-sleeping-with-parents-1.jpg

Happy.  A is just happy and smiley and giggly lots of the time now.  It’s so lovely.  He’s also started to notice Lyra now too and just started to giggle randomly when she moves.  If he could roll I think she’d be in trouble!

World Cup.  I think A is really jealous that he can’t watch the games so he’s been waking up so we can’t watch them either.  His cold was quite bad on Friday so we had some impromptu skin to skin time to help bring his temperature down but that meant that I missed pretty much all of the Spain v Netherlands game. Boo.


Random other thing 1:  We went for a lovely walk last around Stanadge Edge and Mr.J carried A on his back, which gave me a lovely rest from carrying!


Random other thing 2:  I think my big toe looks a bit like an owl so I have named it Hedwig.  I did put a picture in but then decided that nobody wants to look at my foot so I’ll spare you that!

Random other thing 3:  I don’t think A is a big fan of shopping.  This is what happened when he woke up in Primark yesterday.




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