28 weeks

Update:  Since I drafted (and failed to post) this, me and Mr.J have both succumbed to the evil germs too so it’s not been a fun time at Chez JenkinSunts.  A and I are both OK now but Mr.J is still suffering sadly.  We also have a ton of washing to do!

We’ve not got anything very exciting to report this week (when do we ever?!) so I’ll keep this brief as A is poorly so I may need to drop everything to clean up vomit!

We went to a baby yoga class on Thursday which I thought was quite odd but A really enjoyed!  I’ve been working on carrying A on my back; I did a hip scoot using the Connecta for a quick trip out to the shops in the week and I managed a ruck on my 2nd attempt.  I need to work on making it more secure but we had a pootle around the house and A stayed where he was so that’s a good start!


We went to have some family photographs done on Saturday and I’m really looking forwards to getting those back.  A was pretty cheerful most of the time so hopefully there’ll be lots of nice smiles! On Saturday afternoon we went Geocaching on Wadsley Common.  We did some of a series of 11 or 12 caches and the challenge was to get all of them in under 90 minutes.  We managed 5 I think but we didn’t attempt to get any on the second leg of the walk as the kids were ready for home.  The lovely day ended with drama as little Mr.P fell off a deck chair and whacked his head on our garden bed wall which resulted in a trip to the Children’s hospital for him.  He’s fine and seemed very pleased to announce that he wasn’t allowed to wash his hair for 5 days.

On Sunday we went to visit Aunty W and had a very scrumptious lunch.  A liked it very much and especially enjoyed his chicken. He was so pleased he did a roll to celebrate but then gave up holding his head up and face planted onto the grass which he didn’t like very much.  We’ve had some lovely sunny weather and it’s been very warm at night though.  I thought that the rolling and the warmth were the reason we had a very unsettled night on Sunday/Monday.  We were both exhausted but Mr.J found some reserves and took over for the second leg (he’s sometimes quite handy!).  But, it was only after an epic and unprecedented 3 hour morning nap followed by A vomiting what seemed like all of stomach contents that I figured he’d caught a bug from our friends. He was sick a couple more times yesterday; like, Exorcist/Team America sick but was pretty happy still.  We had a full wake up at about 2.45 for a poosplosion, followed by a 10 minute battle trying to get him to have some Calpol. Given how readily ANYTHING goes in this boys mouth you would not believe how well he can keep his mouth closed if he doesn’t want something in there.

We had a few normal wake ups after that and since he’d gone over 12 hours without any more vomit I thought it had stopped and that we might have been able to go for a walk in the park later (since we haven’t been to any of our normal baby groups) but as soon as I thought that we had another super chunder and the next load of washing was ready to go on.  He’s now lying on our bed on top of some towels wearing only a nappy so that the next clean up is a bit easier and I’m listening to TMS but it’s raining at Headingley and England are hopeless at cricket so fingers crossed he fights off the nasty bacteria/virus soon so that normal service can resume.  Until then, here are some random pre-poorliness photos….

altAmn2746RZp567zTz9NGVdRchgJitxn9QRmP35IsV1VNU altArxRHEq07T2ld8c-qVJE1O_uDO5UdbfC4iPhlFc5Ajkz

WP_20140620_009 WP_20140622_003


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