Guest post from Master JenkinSunts

How do big people!  Mummy has been rather remiss and hasn’t written about me for a while so I’ve taken matters into my own hands and I’m providing my own update.  I’m now 31 weeks and 3 days old, or with Mummy-rounding 7 months.  

It’s been a busy few weeks though.  Mummy got all her hair chopped off and was sad because it wasn’t what she asked for.  I don’t like it either as I can’t easily grab it and eat it now 😦  I showed her how I felt about it when we were in the car and I didn’t think she was looking….


We had a lovely time at Daddy’s cousins wedding but it was all such fun that I didn’t want to go to sleep so Mummy had to carry me in my favourite sling.  


It was a very tiring day though and I was glad for a bit of a rest when we got home…


I’ve been having a lot of fun recently though.  I like my cat very much so I throw lots of food on the floor for her as she always seems hungry.  And her silly smudgy face makes me laugh.

IMG_0039 IMG_0167

For some reason, Mummy has given up dressing me so I’ve been forced to hang out in only my nappy (but I’m clearly rocking this look so it’s OK).


I have been working on my more sinister side.  Aunty C won’t know what’s hit her when I dress as the Goblin King at Halloween…..


I’m giving Mummy a bad back from making her hold my hands whilst I walk around everywhere so I tried to give her a break by using the sofa.  So far I’m still pretty wobbly but I think I’ll be able to make it to all the things she keeps moving out of my reach soon.


I have been a very brave young man though as I’ve got my first tooth now and I didn’t cry too much. It’s been a really big help to chew on peoples noses though and I’ve had to start doing it again as I think the next tooth is on it’s way through too.

IMG_0200 IMG_0201 IMG_0202 IMG_0203

That was a bit mean of me to chew on Aunty C’s face as she took Mummy and I out for afternoon tea at Chatsworth today.  There were some delicious looking sandwiches and cakes but Mummy only let me eat the cucumber so I just grabbed some of her smoked salmon sandwich.  I don’t care if it’s her favourite; I wanted my lunch!

IMG_0178 IMG_0193 IMG_0196

Because my tooth was sore, Mummy gave me a fruit smoothie iced lolly at tea time.  It was very soothing but Daddy and Aunty C thought it was a bit messy – what mess?!


It’s very very late for me now though so I think I should go to sleep.  Goodnight big people.


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