32 weeks? I’m losing count….

No exciting developments in JenkinSunts land recently but who needs that when you get to hang out and enjoy the wonderful sunny summer days with this cutie?
We saw Great Grandad at the weekend after an impromptu IKEA trip and now we’ve bought some garden furniture we’ve been making the most of the lovely weather and eating al fresco (and watching England continue to be abysmal at cricket)



We went to the dentist yesterday and A got a sticker for letting the dentist feel his teeth. Yep, plural now as the other front tooth is almost completely through. I’ve been bitten twice now when feeding and I have to say that when I’d read about other women saying they might have to stop breastfeeding because of the biting I thought that reaction was a bit extreme but having suffered it I can see why now! After the first time it was tricky to offer it again knowing what might happen but I’m hoping it won’t happen again now.

We’ve been busy preparing for Mr.J’s 30th birthday; banner making and present wrapping mostly and we’re very much looking forward to celebrating with a few friends and family at the weekend. Fingers crossed it stays dry for the BBQ!


We had a great evening on Monday playing games outside in the garden too. We played Hanabi, we hope with the correct rules this time, and Cafe Internationale. I like Hanabi but I’m not a big Cafe Internationale fan; I’m not sure how it won SdJ – must have been a poor year that year! A must have known we has friends coming as he slept from 7.10-10.30 which is totally unprecedented in recent weeks. Sadly it wasn’t repeated last night as he just wanted to walk around the house until about 10pm,having had mega naps in the day I’m guessing because of the heat. Either that or he knew that now we’ve finished watching Breaking Bad (yes it’s good but it’s hard going too) so we had the season 6 Parks and Rec finale to watch and he wanted to see what happened!

I need some book recommendations folks as I’m re-reading His Dark Materials and already onto The Amber Spyglass. The end of The Subtle Knife made me cry (I won’t give anything away) but I’m pretty sure I didn’t cry at that the first time I read it. I’ve already bought The Rosie Project on kindle after I read the first two chapters on sample and I’m looking forward to cracking on with that but after that my reading list is empty so let me know if there’s anything I should be requesting from the library!

I need to take A to get weighed so will report back on that when I can and maybe by then he’ll have progressed with crawling. Given how much he loves to wobble around on his feet I’ve been surprised by his progress on crawling; he’s really using his arms now and starting to dig his feet in but has only succeeded in moving backwards this far. The most interesting part from my point of view is seeing his personality; he has no patience, is really easily frustrated but is very determined and stubborn. I think he may have got those traits from both of us!



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