33.3 weeks*

*Well, it was when I started writing this post LAST week!

We’ve been having so much fun recently that I haven’t snapped many photos so unusually there may be more words than photos in this post!  We had a fabulous weekend celebrating Mr.Js birthday. P&H came up from Bournemouth and we all enjoyed an al fresco tea outside in the garden and then after A went to bed we sat out for a while chatting until I got too cold after the sun went down.

On Saturday we went to Millhouses Park to play volleyball with some of my hockey friends. Mr.J and I both played whilst P&H babysat A which was lovely. The only downside was that it was so so so hot so we didn’t stay too long as there was very little shade for A. That evening we went out for a curry. Yes, we as in us both, together! thanks to Grandma and Grandad J who babysat. The curry was amazing and I am proud to say that I finished all of my starter of masala dosa and a special biryani, despite the waitress suggesting that the portions were large.

Sunday was Mr.Js birthday so I made American pancakes for breakfast and Mr.J opened the presents from me and A. We got him 30 presents and numbered them and he had to draw out a number to pick which one to open; lots of the presents were just silly things like socks though but I think he liked them and appreciated the effort. It’s actually quite hard to find time to wrap 30 presents when you have a little helper in the day and the recipient is around in the evening!

The wonderful Mr.Medley came around to set up his BBQ in the morning and we ventured to the park to play games. We had a couple of games of Kubb and a game of rounders, and again Mr.J and I were spoilt as Aunty C and Grandma took A on a few laps of the park whilst he napped. Mr.Medley did a fantastic job of the food (as ever) and there was plenty of it too! There was also a lot of cake (both birthday cake and delicious cheesecake which Grandma J made) left over but Mr.J and I have worked hard to deal with that problem this week 😉 Hopefully a good time was had by all; we certainly enjoyed seeing lots of our friends and enjoying our garden in the sunshine!

20140803-184946-67786982.jpg 20140803-184944-67784254.jpg 20140803-184946-67786136.jpg

On Monday we went out to Tamper for lunch (Yum!) and had a quick stroll around the Botanical Gardens to show H where we got married and to eat more cake since we didn’t have any at Tamper as A was getting restless and grumpy.

As for A, he’s been a bit unwell this week and had a very high temperature so I’ve had to wrestle him to get him to take Calpol. It’s really awful having to force it in but I know it’s necessary so I try to make it as quick as possible and be as reassuring as possible. It really is very clear that he can be very stubborn and determined and that he can express his feelings very openly though! Apart from being poorly, he’s definitely worked out that he can make sounds when he bashes things together now and he did his second tummy to back roll too. He walked about a mile on Sunday thanks to all the lovely people who probably now have back ache from holding his hands whilst he wobbled his way around the garden and along the path at the side of the house. He’s still only going backwards when attempting to crawl though and it’s still frustrating him very very very very very much! He’s really nosy now too and keeps peering over, under and around things to look at what’s there and this Saturday he decided to just let go of my hands whilst I was walking him around and just stand on his own for a few seconds.  I was astonished and scared!

20140803-184947-67787836.jpg 20140803-184948-67788685.jpg  20140803-184945-67785242.jpg

He’s also worked out who his favourite person is 😀



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