8 months

Yet another month has passed by and for some reason this one feels more weighty than others.  No idea why really but there it is.  I’m also missing having a big trip to look forwards to since we’ve not got any adventures planned this year 😦

There’s another landmark happening tomorrow too;  me and Mr.J are going out for lunch together.  Just the two of us.  It will be like the 3rd time we’ve both been out without A but the first time that it will just the two of us.  I’m expecting we’ll have some scintillating conversation, perhaps something along these lines….


….followed by us both devouring yummy hot food!

This past week has been fairly uneventful.  We’ve been to our usual baby groups and we went swimming on Tuesday; A had a great time splashing about and I had the best work out in ages as I had to do mega squats to keep his shoulders under the water and then strength training from lifting him up and down and round and on to his tummy and then on to his back.  Great value though I suppose!  I might be playing netball next Monday so the training could have come in handy.  I’m a bit nervous about playing netball again as I don’t want to let anyone down so I’ve volunteered as a pool player for a team in the 4th division so I’m hoping that my experience from playing in division 1 will outweigh any rustiness, or if not that the team I might play for are just grateful for having someone there.  I’m not worried about my fitness at least after the swimming!

As for A, after the lovely Vanessa from Grown At Home commented on my last post I naturally had a nosy at her blog and really liked how she’d broken down her updates into sections (of course I did, why would you not want to categorise things?!!) so I hope she doesn’t mind that I’ve copied her structure!

Movement:  There’s been a lot of movement!!  We’re still doing a lot of toddling about holding hands.  My back is really sore now and the circuit of the living room and round the dining room table is also very monotonous, even when there’s a balloon or ball to kick!  I think we did 6 consecutive circuits this morning yet as soon as I sat him down it was fat bottom lip and tears.  I’m not complaining though and hope that his love of moving about will continue as he grows up so we can enjoy lots of lovely walks!!  I tried to put myself in his shoes though and I’d probably feel the same if I couldn’t get about without anyones help and was suddenly plonked down.  He’s also now started to push himself up with his legs when you grip his hands though; he can’t push himself all the way up just yet but he’s pretty close.  I think that might also be coinciding with his super speedy reverse crawling.  Again, this only serves to be the most frustrating thing in the entire world for A.  Not only is he not able to reach whatever he was trying to get to but it’s actually getting further away!!  BAD TIMES!

photo 3 (1)

Just today though he has managed to get his knees properly underneath him at the same time as having his hands pushed up; this is a big improvement from what I’ve been referring to as the “skydive” position where he lifts his head off the floor and then just holds his arms off the floor and randomly kicks his arms and legs.

Eating:  Chicken, pitta bread , sweet potato and avocado have gone very well this week.  Bread sticks have not: 

He’s also been very chatty at meal times lately too:  

Sometimes it’s nice chatting and sometimes it’s a lot more shouty and annoyed.  I think he’s getting frustrated that he can’t always eat what he gets into his mouth so I’ve been helping him out a lot more and have been greeted with a lot of open mouthed dives at the spoon so whilst BLW purists may not call what we’re doing BLW, I’m definitely following his lead.  He also got really annoyed the other day and it took me a while to figure out what he was diving at me for but then I gave him his own fork and he was happy so we might need to find some cute baby cutlery.  Feel free to pass on any recommendations!

Sleeping:  Meh, sleeping.  Had a particularly crap night last night with wake ups every couple of hours and crap naps yesterday and today too.

Play:  Apart from enjoying toddling around everywhere, which to be honest seems like the best entertainment to A ever, he is also enjoying his new eggs and pop up peg toys.  I think this is mostly related to the Teeth section we are to come on to but nevertheless he’s been having a lot of fun with them!  I have to make a real effort to engage him in his toys to cheer him up after I’ve had to sit him down though so we’ve had to contravene Mr.Js philosophy of one toy out at a time!

photo 1 (1)

It won’t surprise many people that I do always put the eggs back with the correct shells on the correct colour though!

The other favourite thing to play with at the moment is Lyra, though she disagrees and rarely stays within grasp for enough time for A to even try to reach her but he always greets her with a smile when soon as she walks in so I’m seeing a one-sided friendship blossoming:)

Teeth:  Still just the bottom front two but the dribble is reaching flood status and there are some bulges around where the bottom canines are but it’s difficult to see much else with Mr.Only-I-Will-Put-Things-Into-My-Mouth!

Communication:  As well as the chatting (and shouting) and Mamamamamama-ing, he’s definitely showing an understanding of some of the signs we’ve regularly done such as ‘cat’, ‘finished’, ‘bath’ and ‘milk’.  He doesn’t do any signs yet himself but he tends to smile when I do them so either he does understand or he’s just finding my signing funny!


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