Been busy!

And not just looking after A (though that is what’s kept me occupied!). But, thanks to some napping which is NOT on me and on occasions longer than 30 minutes I’ve squeezed in a bit of crafts, piano and sports!

I made this cute little kitty for Aunty H’s birthday:

IMG_0359.JPG Aunty H – let us know what you name him/her!

I am also very pleased with this little taggie that I knocked up in under 40 minutes and that includes the time it took to get everything out and put it away!




It was really easy to do and would have taken even less time if I hadn’t had some spatial awareness issues. A woke up just as I was about to pin the tags on and after re-settling him I pinned them sticking out instead of in (since you sew it with right sides together and then turn inside out that would have been useless!).

This morning I also got a lot of prep done for the next two items; a cushion cover and another taggie. I decided that I was going to start prepping whilst A napped this morning and just see how far I got but after a bad night (silly teeth) he slept for 90 minutes so I managed to iron all the material, cut out all the pieces needed for the cushion cover and do all the prep for the taggie so all I need to do to finish the taggie is sew it, turn it inside out and top stitch it. Here’s my prep so far:


I love the Robert Kaufman cartoon superhero fabric and hope to be able to share the finished items soon! I’ve also been busy trying to clear lots of bits and pieces out of the house and have managed to sell a few things locally and on eBay. This morning I had another go at a ruck carry too and did a slightly better job than previous attempts so we had a quick piano session! A was quite happy watching and listening and it felt pretty comfy.

As you can see I hadn’t found time to do my hair though! That’s what you get for going to bed with wet hair I suppose, and for having a hair cut you strongly dislike too. The reason for going to bed with wet hair was that I played netball last night and very much needed a shower afterwards. I enjoyed playing but felt very very rusty. I made lots of mistakes and I definitely wasn’t quite as tactically aware or as reactive as pre-pregnancy so I wasn’t very happy with my performance. I don’t know how but I got MOTM. I definitely wouldn’t have given it to me but given how red I was (I may have even exceeded the redness of Jamie Carragher playing in August) perhaps I was awarded it for effort?!


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