Constant Vigilance…

That’s the watch word at Chez JenkinSunts as A is finally on the move. He’s much more cheerful now that he can spin around on his tummy and commando crawl his way to any object he desires.

It seems that if you sat A in front of the Mirror of Erised, what he’d see would be the surround sound speaker, the owl by the fireplace, the cat flap and the very boingy door stopper. He still enjoys being walked around but he’s getting the hang of his walker and he’s also pretty much nailed coasting around the furniture now so that has reduced some of the back strain!

He’s still as chatty as ever too and has added a new noise to his repertoire which we both find quite entertaining. Like most new noises, this one seems to have run it’s course already as he’s moved onto a weird cough-sneeze sound but this is more entertaining so I’m sharing the ‘brr brr brrm’:

Our other major news is that we’ve had our first trip to A&E 😦 Whilst we were in Suffolk on our long weekend away glamping – check out the amazing crochet blanket which greeted us! – me and Mr.J had a mix up which resulted in A plunging his hand into a bowl of really hot porridge and him burning his hand. It was absolutely awful as he was so so so so so upset and we both felt really really really really bad. A very big blister appeared fairly quickly and since I once set my hand on fire and knew that the hospital wanted to drain the blisters we thought we should take him to hospital to be checked. The calpol and ibuprofen kicked in and he stopped crying about 10 minutes after we got to A&E and was all smiles by the time we were seen but we were just very relieved that he was OK. We were there for about 3 hours in total ad they did indeed pop the big blister and put a little toe bandage on his finger. It’s almost all healed now which is great, especially since he chewed the bandage off by the end of the day and continued to chew and drool all over his hand and crawl around with it too.

2014-08-16 16.47.16

Aside from both of us needing to pay more attention (I don’t think the guilt will ever go away), we both said that we need some kind of emergency kit for spontaneous trips out of the house as we had no toys or food and it was quite hard to entertain A and sustain ourselves for 3 hours in a hospital waiting room! I think I’ll put a little bag together to leave in the car just in case we get caught out anywhere. Hopefully not for future hospital trips though.

It’s really hit me this week that all I have to talk about is A and how little sleep we all get and that’s really dull so apologies if you’ve encountered me in person and had to endure a completely non-scintillating conversation! Despite saying that I am still going to share this picture of A really enjoying some tuna croquettes I made and some arty sculptures (!!) I made out of pegs one afternoon when we were playing with pegs after I’d brought the washing in. Rock and roll.

2014-08-27 11.15.31

2014-08-28 15.28.58

So, I’ll ask again for book recommendations people! I’ve finished His Dark Materials and that ended in a lot of tears, as usual, and also The Divergent trilogy; which was OK but I didn’t enjoy the last one as much as the first two. I’m currently doing some crochet and watching Thor: The Dark World for the 3rd time so please suggest something that I could read or watch which might mean I can have a conversation which does not revolve around sleep (or poo!).


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