10 months

Straight into the nitty gritty this month!

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Movement:  I’m not sure I’ll need this category after next week let alone next month!  I don’t quite recall when it happened but at some point A learnt to safely get from sitting to his tummy, thereby enabling commando crawling to wherever he wanted. That wasn’t so bad as cushions and things could still work as blockades.  But then, maybe the same day, he became an expert at pulling himself up on anything he liked and sitting back down which meant he could then get anywhere he wanted as he wouldn’t be kept stationary by being left in either a seated or standing position.  His commando crawl has been replaced by classic crawling and he’s pretty much walking now.  We had our check up with the health visitor today and I asked what counted as walking and it seems there’s no real definition.  A proceeded to push himself up to standing from sitting on my lap and take the three steps towards her and she said that would count for first steps.  So on that basis he had his first steps ages ago!  He walks between us at opposite ends of the living room and will pause and stand on his own on the way but he’s so excited at the end of the journey that it ends in a big hug as he dives at you so I don’t think I’d truly call it walking yet but that’s just me.  He definitely took me by surprise when he just let go of the sofa and walked towards me last week though.  It was only after a few seconds of the hug that I realised what he’d done!

Eating:  Potatoes are big favourites this week as well as pitta bread.  We also had some spicy enchiladas and a chilli con carne this week and he really enjoyed those so no spice aversion here.  One thing I have noticed is that scrambled eggs seem to be the one thing which immediately get spat out.  Such a shame as it’s a very quick and easy lunch.  I’m looking forward to dippy eggs in a few more months though as I bet he’ll love a runny egg.  One other recent dislike is wearing a bib.  I decided it wasn’t worth the battle but Mr.J disagreed when he cleaned up the other day.  He had to strip him down to his vest and he was still caked in potato.

Sleep:  Hrm.  What is this thing you talk of?!  Not sure how much detail I’ve really gone into but we have recently started to put A in his cot in his own room for the first two stints of sleep.  This has mostly been fine but hasn’t led to any improvements. We’ve had some better and some worse nights this last week but he’s a snot monster at the moment so that’s made the last few nights hard as he’s all poorly 😦  Having said all that, tonight I left him in the classic ‘drowsy but awake’ state so often mentioned by every sleep website ever and unbelievably he did fall asleep.  I’ve been holding his little cuddly bears whilst we’ve been feeding recently and he’s got them with him so they might be providing a reassuring familiarity or it could be that he was just shattered from not napping very much today or it’s from being poorly.  Who knows?!  I have absolutely no faith that this will happen again any time soon but it’s certainly a small step in the right direction.

Play:  Pretty much all play is physical!  Climbing on me, walking around, pushing his walker, coasting around the furniture, climbing up the stairs (with supervision!), trying to pull the fire guard off and grab the (artificial coals), succeeding in pulling the peace lily over and tipping soil over the carpet… generally just being a cheeky monkey!!!  Lyra is still very interesting and I am amazed by her tolerance of him as he just grabs handfuls of her fur and then tries to eat them several times a day.  She did bat him on the nose when he tried to eat her tail and he still didn’t care.  I am doing my best to supervise his interactions with Lyra and most of the time I’m right by his side but he’s so flipping quick!

Unalphabetising the DVDs!
Unalphabetising the DVDs!

Teeth:  He now has 4 teeth.  However, the 4th tooth to break through isn’t the other top front tooth (central incisor) but it’s the one next to it (lateral incisor).  I’m sure the others will make their appearance at some point.

Communication:  Reflecting his obsession with Lyra, he’s definitely nailed the word cat as he shouts “A!” lots when he sees her (and other cats, and sometimes small dogs).  I wouldn’t be surprised if ‘cat’ is his first word! The latest new sound is a really cheeky throaty laugh but I’ve noticed he’s remembered some ‘brrr’ noises and ‘mamamamama’ again this week too.

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