11 months

I almost don’t want to write this post as it’s just another thing emphasising the very swift passing of time. It’s a double whammy effect too as I feel sad that my teeny little baby is pretty much a toddler now AND our time spending pretty much all day every day together is very much numbered.

We were a bit poorly for a couple of weeks on and off but we’re all well now! So, without further ado here’s the lowdown on what’s what with A:

Movement: In the last few days there’s been a lot more walking going on. After my last post he regressed back to crawling, which I think was partly due to being poorly and partly because he was getting pretty speedy. But for the last three days his confidence at walking has jumped up again and he is letting go of objects and toddling off much more frequently now. We went to a soft play centre on Friday and he toddled across the area a few times but wasn’t all that interested in the things he was allowed to climb on. In fact he spent quite a lot of time standing and chewing the net dividing the different areas and holding a ball pool ball!


A wobbly walking

Eating: A lot more food seems to be going in now; though that’s partly due to me doing a lot more spoon feeding of softer foods that he was trying but failing to eat himself. I’ve had to up my porridge cooking in the morning considerably to make sure there’s enough for him and I’ve also made stewed blackcurrants (which we picked ourselves!) and stewed plums which are going down well with the porridge. My homemade banana flapjacks and spinach and cheese pinwheels have been very popular too and they’re so handy to have in the freezer. I’ve also got quite a few tubs of roasted sweet potato in the freezer thanks to a mismanagement of sweet potato stocks and as a result Mr.J has banned me from making anything else to go in the freezer. Greek yogurt is also very popular too.


Sleep: This has improved since my last post! It’s still not bountiful but we seem to have a pattern of wake ups of about 10pm/2am/5am and waking up for the day at about 7am, unless he’s guzzled lots of milk during the night and has leaked in which case we can have an earlier start. We’ve tried going up a nappy size but that didn’t work so I think we’re going to incorporate a nappy change at the first wake up, which is also when we head to bed. Naps are also more consistent too, though pretty much exclusively on me for the majority of the time but since I won’t get to enjoy these for that much longer I’m going to just try and enjoy every minute! In the last month he has stayed asleep in his pram and car seat on a couple of occasions though and today he had a cosy nap on Mr.J too so although I was worrying about how A would nap at nursery, I’m much more relaxed about this now.


Play: A is having so much fun at the moment. It’s fantastic to watch and be involved with. He’s learnt to push the wooden pegs down so they pop up, to twist the noisy balls, and he can now reach the CDs even though they’re pushed to the back of the shelf!

Peg popping!


He’s been taking more interest in books and now finds it very entertaining to hold objects out for you, and if he’s feeling generous to let you have them, so you can give it back and repeat this for about 20 minutes! Repeatedly bashing objects together or objects against things (like tables and radiators) is also very entertaining apparently!

Teeth: He’s now got 6 teeth. The top 4 are all completely different sizes but as Aunty C said, the appearance of the 5th (the top right central incisor) meant he was no longer a snaggletooth! The 6th tooth (the top right lateral incisor) took ages to pop through after hovering about and looking all bulgy and dribble inducing for weeks.

Communication: His communication has gone crazy this month!! He’s learnt to wave (mostly goodbye) and very importantly for him he’s learnt to sign for milk! The first time I recognised him doing it I was so surprised that I said it back and did the sign and he did it again and said “Ma ma ma ma ma” and bashed me on the boob repeatedly thereby making his desires very clear! He’s getting closer at saying cat now as he’s added a “c” sound so it’s often “ca” now and he seems to have a word for everything else now: “gah”. He’s also started to shake his head for “No” and it’s also really clear that he understands lots of what he’s hearing too. If you say, “do you want to read a book?” he will go and get a book and when we say “it’s time to brush your teeth” or “where’s your toothbrush?”, he looks towards where his toothbrush is.

I’m not sure what this noise is though, other than very funny!!

In general, he’s just a very happy little boy!






And we’re very happy and very very lucky too as we went to the cinema today!! Aunty C babysat for A today whilst we went to see Interstellar. A and Aunty C had a lovely day together and we enjoyed a Starbucks, sweets and the film!



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