13 months

I thought the first few weeks of having a baby were pretty hard with the broken sleep but running around after a 13 month old makes it seem easy now!!  After being poorly just before Christmas with a really bad cough and a high temp A bounced back just in time for all the presents and excitement and had a lovely time!

Christmas 2014-1 Christmas 2014-6

I’ve only got one more week before I go back to work and whilst I really am going to miss spending all my time with A, there have been a few days recently where I’ve felt ready to go back to work and have a rest!!  The most recent was last Friday when, after a particularly tiring night, he managed to tip most of a carton of double cream out n the fridge when I was unpacking the shopping.  I was a bit annoyed so I took him into the living room to play whilst I tidied up and fended off the cat and then once I was done I brought him back.  Then, as I turned around to get the next bag he managed to grab the french dressing and get the lid off it and tip that all over the floor too.  So, pretty exasperated, I repeated the process and carried on unpacking.  Then, in my haste to get finished before he grabbed anything else, I missed the egg slot in the fridge door and chucked an egg onto the slate floor.  And speedy Gonzalez managed to walk through it before I could grab him so it also resulted in an outfit change for him.  I have to admit I did scream a little in frustration when I smashed the egg.

Movement: Not too much new here really.  He can walk really quickly now and he’s super fast at getting up the stairs and has also got the hang of coming downstairs too; even our steep steep stairs.

Teeth:  Still just the 6 but the dentist said she could feel lots under his gums and it certainly all looks very bulgy in there when I’m quick enough to get a peek.


Eating: The main change in eating is that he wants to use cutlery more now and he’s pretty good at getting a loaded fork or spoon into his mouth.  He’s still not eating very much and is definitely more of a grazer but american pancakes and greek yogurt went down very well this morning and my homemade banana flapjack (consisting of banana, oats and cinnamon only!) is still a winner.  Thanks to naughty relatives he has confirmed that he does have a (very) sweet tooth as he enjoyed various puddings over Christmas! Candle wax, cat food and dirt from the cat flap are pretty tasty too it seems as he most upset when I remove said items from his mouth.

Sleep:  I think we had a handful of ‘sleeping through the night’ (STTN) occasions between Christmas and New Year.  I say “STTN” as the definition of that is 6 hours I think he slept from 11-5ish but by our standards that was great.  It’s a 2 step forward, 1.98 steps back situation though as the last week has been atrocious with regular wakings from 2am.  He’s also on his way to having just one nap a day now too.  It’s not very consistent at the moment and very much depends on the night before and how much I can entertain him in the morning to delay his first nap!


Play:  Whilst he is interested in lots of his toys, and particularly loves his Scuttlebug, as you can see here: 

he is just as happy raiding every kitchen cupboard, grabbing fake coals from the fireplace (we don’t use it), rummaging in bins and eating things off the floor.  Instead of writing anything here I should have just posted you to this as it’s much funnier; it describes things here very accurately!  It’s funny how Mum senses kick in at times though.  I always know that he’s doing/eating something he probably shouldn’t (or doing a poo) when things get too quiet! He really enjoys books and often picks out books from his box of toys and brings one to you to read.  We have a few of the “That’s not my…” series and he really likes the Dragon’s prickly tail (velcro!) and he also loves the “Busy..” series and is systematically destroying Busy Railway and Busy Farm books by pulling and pushing the moving parts with gusto!  Hide and seek is also hilarious to A too.  He hides behind the end of the sofa and you can crawl along the other side or peek over the top and he will start giggling.  He also likes being chased too.  It’s a great way to burn off some energy before bedtime I find!  He wasn’t very impressed by snow though.

IMG_2129.2014-12-30_135316 IMG_2124.2014-12-30_140414

Communication:  He’s got so many of his own words/sounds for things now and he definitely understand lots of what we’re saying to him.  I can’t successfully write the phonetic versions out without lots of them being the same but he has his own sounds for: light, cat, dog, sock, car (anything with wheels really), ball, bricks, book, card, tree, gone (a particular favourite; especially when he’s posted things out of the cat flap!), snack, more, that and no.  I particularly like the way he uses the word ‘no’ when he’s doing something he shouldn’t; such as walking off with a mobile phone whilst saying “no no no no no”.  He’svery very loud at times and definitely makes it clear when he wants something.  For example: “DAAAT! DAAAAAAAT!, DAT DAT DAT DAT DAT DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAATDAAAT! DAT DAT DAT DAT DAT DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT!!!!”.  Oh it’s so much fun being a Mum sometimes!  Good job he’s too flipping cute!!

IMG_2185.2015-01-09_180511 Christmas 2014-28


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