I’ve not mentioned this much (if at all maybe?) but we’ve been trying to move house since about May 2014.  We’ve had some ups and downs and the last few weeks have been pretty stressful but I am posting this from our new home! I never ever want to go through the stress of house buying and selling again.  Ever!  Tidying and cleaning the house for each viewing was a lot of effort with a baby/toddler.  It’s hard to hide all the baby stuff and evidence of co-sleeping, which although we’re fine with, doesn’t really show off your house in the best light when you have a king size bed and a cot-bed squished in one room and en empty baby’s room!  And then there’s inevitable flood of adrenaline every time the estate agent would call with feedback, only to feel let down that someone didn’t like your house.  I thought that this part of the process was pretty bad but it’s been nothing compared with the buying and selling process and dealing with our buyers, vendors and their solicitors! Sadly, I can’t easily access any of our wedding pics and the pictures don’t capture anywhere near all the fun times we had but they give you a good idea about the last 6 years.  Needless to say, I was very tearful when we left our old house 😥

We’re very grateful to Grandma and Grandad J for putting us up at the weekend, Aunty C for helping with A on moving day and looking after Lyra at the weekend , Dr.Medley for helping take the living room window out for sofa extraction purposes (again!!) and for fridge and freezer space and for Aunty W for putting us up and being very supportive and accommodating throughout the whole ordeal!  Despite all of that we’re very much looking forward to all our new adventures in our new house and I’m sure you’ll see some photos of A settling into his new pad soon!


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