(Almost) 15 months and some other bits and bobs

There’s been a lot going on this month in all the JenkinSunts’ lives and I’m sure I’ll forget to mention lots of things.

It’s taken us about 2 months but we are mostly cough free at long last.  Hurrah!!!!!! I think it was a combination of seasonal bugs, stress from the house move and all the new germs from nursery but I think this is the best I’ve felt in health terms since about Christmas. In less positive news, I managed to lock the car key and A in the car at Tesco’s yesterday. Thankfully an amazing roadside assistance man came to rescue me pretty quickly but it was pretty awful standing by the car and seeing and hearing A being (very) upset but being completely powerless to do anything about it.  He cried himself to sleep whilst I got progressively colder hanging about outside in the car park but the rescue itself was really easy.

We’ve had visits from Grandma and Grandad J and Nanna P to come and see our new house. Last weekend we had a lovely afternoon out at a naming ceremony and we had the P’s stay over.  We played a couple of board games in the evening; out of this selection we went for Pandemic and Kingdom Builder:


We almost saved the world but not quite….. Mr.J and I are yet to have saved the world even on the introductory level of the game so I’ve resorted to Googling some tactics for next time.  We’re seeing some other friends in a few weeks and they’ve played it a bit more than us so perhaps with more experience we’ll have a better chance at saving the world.  We’ll see…..

We also went for a nice walk, bagged a couple of easy geocaches on the way and went for a fab lunch out at ‘Yummy Yorkshire‘ the next day too. I’m already trying to think of a good reason to go back to Yummy Yorkshire as I really want to try one of their Sundaes…..

We’ve settled in to our new house really well and I love that this view is a 30 second walk from the house.  Me and A just have a little stroll around the block in the afternoon and play in the garden on my days off to get some fresh air.  Lyra has been outside a couple of times but she’s not too fussed about being out really and formed an unlikely alliance with A as she saw it as an opportunity to get back inside!

IMG_2427.2015-03-04_151914 IMG_2430.2015-03-04_154239 IMG_2431.2015-03-04_154246 IMG_2426.2015-03-04_151450 IMG_2424.2015-03-04_151435

But I know that most of you are much more interested in A and what he’s been up to so here’s my usual monthly update.  It’s another long one but it’s worth reading to the end for all the pictures and a new section….. oooooooooooohhhhh!

Movement:  One word could sum up the biggest development this month: climbing.  Mostly climbing onto things.  Climbing and standing on his little chair in the kitchen.  Dragging and/or pushing his little chair in the kitchen against kitchen cupboards to climb on and then reach for things on the work top.  Climbing out of the bath.  He’s also got speedier.  I don’t know how but he has; I’d definitely say that at times he was jogging!!

Teeth:  Unbelieeeeeeeeevably. Still. Only. 6. Teeth!!!!!

Eating:  He’s now consistently eating ‘All’ his food at nursery.  And he’s eating a lot more at home too.  He uses a loaded spoon and fork by himself now and he’s starting to get the hang of stabbing food onto a fork by himself.  He’s also eating more fruit at home now too; he has banana slices on a fork with his porridge in the morning and he’s been having fruit for pudding. He’s definitely having more cows milk now, especially when I’m not around, but if I’m around then he’ll sometimes still push his cup away and need more encouragement to drink from his cup.


Sleep:  His napping at nursery is consistently 1.5 to 2 hours now.  We had a wonderful Saturday lunch when Nanna was here as Mr.J was able to settle him AND get him into his cot so we enjoyed a hot drink together!  Sadly I’m having little success in replicating this but he will sleep in the sling for me at least so I can at least be hands free.


I’d say it’s been a 2 steps forward, 1.5 steps back month.  The evenings had improved and our regular as clockwork 9.30pm wake up has moved towards 10.30pm and sometimes even later and we were having longer stints in the night but the last few nights have been back to very disturbed nights of permalatched-ness.  I said he’d shaken off the cough but his nose has been running like a tap so I’m hoping it’s related to that.  Either that or he knows that we’ve booked a table at a restaurant on Friday night to celebrate our 5th wedding anniversary and he’s just trying to make Aunty C worked hard whilst she babysits!  I should also say that I had a work trip to London and didn’t get home until almost 8pm and I was very surprised that he went to sleep just fine for Mr.J when I wasn’t here!

Play:  Hide and seek is still a massive winner and gets lots of giggles, especially in the evening.  And thanks to Nanna so does jumping up and down on the sofa!  Though since he can’t jump what that means is me lifting him up and down on the sofa.  It’s great exercise anyway.  He is also LOVING reading books.  His attention span often doesn’t stretch beyond the first page but he’ll bring you every single book on his shelf and make it clear that he wants to read one of the less sturdy books that he can’t reach.  He likes the ‘Acorn Woods’ lift the flap books best I think; he certainly picks those up most frequently.  At nursery he seems to like climbing on the climbing frame, going on the slide and much to Mr.Js dislike, playing in the sand pit!  He’s also very interested in pouring things too; sand at nursery and water in the bath here.  He loves the play tunnel and his tool set. And knocking on doors and climbing into the shower and knocking on the shower door.

IMG_2408.2015-02-27_152235 IMG_2409.2015-02-27_152307

IMG_2386.2015-02-22_071600 IMG_2422.2015-03-04_083604

It was World Book Day today and nursery suggested they dress up as animals from Dear Zoo so A went as a frog.  I do admit that he also looks a lot like a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle but when I looked on Pinterest for ‘frog costume’ I found similar costumes and since I only had a couple of days notice that was the best I could manage.  A pulled it off as he learnt how to say ‘ribbit ribbit’ (when prompted!).

IMG_2447.2015-03-05_064508 IMG_2448.2015-03-05_064517


Communication:  Whilst they’re all still probably jibberish to anyone else he’s started saying more words and he’s doing a lot of copying back.  My favourite new words are “Wyywra” (Lyra) and “Cargee” (that’s an easy one to guess).  He’s doing more actions in songs now; he points to the ceiling when you sing that part of “Wind the Bobbin up” and he points to his head when you say hat.  He makes a cute “Mmmmmm” noise when he gives you a kiss too, and sometimes the kisses are proper puckered up lips instead of a big open mouthed snog!

Character:  I’ve added in a new section just because I can really and because I don’t think I ever really say much about A’s personality.  Obviously we think he’s awesome but if I were to describe him I’d say that he was happy, very friendly, sensible, cautious, determined and stubborn (wonder where he gets those characteristics from!).  His “rat face” is coming along very nicely too…. sadly!

IMG_2435.2015-03-04_162158 IMG_2436.2015-03-04_162213 IMG_2437.2015-03-04_162214



  1. Lovely to read your blog. Have a lovely evening. We did send a card but it was posted in a remote part of Cumbria yesterday , so despite Tony ‘s faith in our mail system and two second class stamps and him writing first class I think it may struggle to reach you today. Anyway have a lovely time, gosh how 5 years have flown!! Xx

    Date: Thu, 5 Mar 2015 22:09:39 +0000 To: laureenjenkinson@hotmail.co.uk

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