18 months

It’s been a fairly quiet month on the home front but the highlight was a very long Bank Holiday weekend and extra day off for the Queen’s birthday and since it was a day when we already pay (handsomely!) for A to go to nursery, Mr.J and i had our inaugural Treat Yo Self Day!  We had a delicious breakfast at The Grind cafe followed by a trip to the cinema to see the latest Avengers film and a quick bit of shopping (for a steam cleaner so not too exciting) before we picked A up fairly early.  We also went to see the Foo Fighters on the Wednesday too and Aunty Caga babysat for A and put him to bed and got him back to sleep too.  Foo’s were pretty good but it was bloody cold.  We also had a great day out at Keighley and Worth Valley Railway.  A loved the trains, Mr.J loved the trains and had a pint on one of them and I also went on the trains.

IMG_2971.2015-05-26_071639 IMG_2973.2015-05-26_074625 IMG_2974.2015-05-26_075359

IMG_3013.2015-05-31_122359 IMG_3009.2015-05-31_103445 IMG_3039.2015-06-05_121731

As for A, people keep telling me he’s got taller.  He can open the back door now so he must have grown!  His legs look pretty gangly here


Down to business anyway…

Movement:  No new moves really.  A bit more climbing maybe and he can now go forwards on his scuttlebug when he chooses to.  But he prefers to lift his feet up and be pushed.  He liked this rocker toy at Grandma and Grandad’s house!


Teeth:  That other blinking top molar hasn’t budged and nothing else has poked through.  We had a trip to the dentist though and she managed to see 8 of his 10 teeth and he only bit her the once and seemed to enjoy it so that’s good.

Eating:  I am so fed up of picking cutlery up off the floor after every. single. mouthful! If I say “Give Mummy the fork/spoon back when you’ve finished” every time I hand him the cutlery he usually passes them back but when his attention is wavering and his hunger is more satiated that’s when it’s cutlery throwing/dropping time.  On the whole I’d say he is eating more (“Morrr!”) but I may be biased by the fact that after tea tonight he spotted the bananas in the fruit bowl and asked for a banana and polished a whole one off.  He enjoyed helping make pizza dough and he loves our homemade pizzas.  I put think ribbons of courgette, pesto and mozzarella on mine and A’s.  I have used Big Bear as a good example and managed to get A to eat beans on toast with a bib on because Big Bear was wearing his bib!

IMG_3017.2015-05-31_144049 IMG_3049.2015-06-07_152201

Sleeping:  This is pretty much all I talk about and all I think about.  Yet we are having very little of it.  Still.  These last few weeks have been pretty bad, even by our standards.  However, and I really hope I’m not jinxing things, we seem to have made a very minor breakthrough as he’s now gone to sleep without breastfeeding for the first stint of the night for the last few nights and we’re working on encouraging him to lie down and be patted back to sleep at the other wake ups once he’s in with us.  I know that co-sleeping isn’t for everyone but on the rare occasions when he wakes up after 6.30am and he’s bright eyed and bushy tailed it’s lovely having family time together in bed.


Play:  More books, books, books!  I didn’t think he could be more interested in them but he is!  And he has an unnervingly good memory and tells you when something he likes (“cat”, “moooooo”, “copka” (helicopter), “bapbap” (rabbit), “hot!”, “burger” (burglar! – from Mog the Forgetful cat) is coming up or which book has which thing in.  He LOVES Thomas the Tank engine; I wonder where he gets his love of trains from?  I honestly think there could be a genetic element as I don’t think we have overly promoted trains.  He’s also been having fun with jigsaws and getting really good at the shape sorter too.  When it was sunny we had fun outside with water in jugs and buckets and bubbles too.

IMG_3030.2015-06-05_103007 IMG_3025.2015-06-03_151005

Communication:  A basic but a goodie which he’s added to his repertoire this month is “Yeah!” (“yeah! Yeah! Yeah!”) often accompanied by bouncing with excitement!  He can do some animal sounds (moo, baa, roar, woof and oinking – the latter 3 are all whispered though), and lots of new words.  The theme at the moment is “key”, “locked”, “door”, “gate, “closed”….. What I have noticed is how much more quickly he’s picking words up.  We went to Graves Park and saw some of the animals there and he got “Goat” after only a few iterations and we also went on a walk and saw lots of buttercups and said “yellow” after I’d said it only a couple of times.  I’m enjoying “ba bah” (bye) now as that accompanies the celebrity-style waving and he does it at everyone!  He started making “chhh chhh” noises and said “hot!” a lot when we were at the preserved railway.

I think that anything which is orange or red is described as “hot!”.  He also did some pretty cool babbling the other day which made us giggle:

I don’t know if this is the ‘right’ section but he’s very co-operative when you ask him to do things; he collects the post when we get home from nursery and he helps put toys away, especially in the bath, and in general is good at following instructions so I guess what I’m getting at is that he understands what you’re saying/asking/telling him.

IMG_3033.2015-06-05_120901 IMG_3032.2015-06-05_115750


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