21 months

We’re on holiday this week so I’m going to keep this short and sweet.

Movement: Some kind of yoga (downward dog?) or the start of a roly poly?


Teeth:  The right hand top canine has broken through now so we’re up to 14 teeth.

Eating:  He’s still eating a fair bit.  This morning he had two bowls of rice krispies and a piece of toast with jam on for breakfast. He’s enjoying fruit for pudding (unlike me and Mr.J!).


Sleeping:  For once it doesn’t seem like two steps forward and one step back as I’m pleased to say he is still sleeping well – hooooorah!!!! He’s going to sleep independently after a couple of stories and more often than not, sleeping through.  Wake up varies from 6.30-8am so at times we’ve had to wake him up for nursery/work in the morning but naturally as we’re on holiday this week he’s woken that bit earlier so no sadly no lie ins!

Play:  Bath time is very enjoyable at the moment – he’s been enjoying having bubbles and tonight Aunty C made a funnel bubble shooter which was hilarious.  Sadly I couldn’t reproduce it so he’ll be disappointed tomorrow when it’s just back to pouring and tipping.  He’s also having lots of fun emptying and climbing into things…. After he got into the kitchen cupboard he said “Stuck. Out”.   He loves singing songs with “Wheels on the bus” being the favourite and he does lots of the actions as well.  Thanks to Miss Peto we have to sing that Daddies on the bus “read the newspaper” instead of just “read, read, read” so it can be quite long winded,

2015-08-28_171021516_770B8_iOS 2015-08-28_171031320_1FE3E_iOS 2015-08-19_144648639_A02C5_iOS

Communication:  It just keeps on coming and is more entertaining now.  Favourite phrases at the moment are “Come on”, “right then”, “nee(d) a han(d)” and “help meeeeee”.  He’s started to sign “sorry” of his own accord and mostly at appropriate times too.


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