January so far

Development-wise for A, I think we have one 2nd molar erupted and another on the way….. joy!  We’ve started to play catch after tea and he’s getting better at catching; he has a little rugby ball which he’s better at catching than his soft ball (probably because it’s bigger) but his throwing is pretty good.  Definitely better than Aunty C already anyway 😉 Potty training is still going well; we’ve had a couple of emergency pit stops on the way home from nursery (including a dash to Sainsbury’s toilets!) and he seems to be dry most nights but we’re sticking with nappies since he’s usually in our bed by 11pm.

Ooooh …. one fairly big thing that I almost forgot to mention is that he’s moved rooms and now has a really big room upstairs.  We were very kindly gifted a mid-sleeper bed but he can’t reliably get in and out just yet so he’s just got a mattress on the floor in the bottom part which we’ve called his ‘special den bed’.  It hasn’t changed his waking up and wanting to come and sleep in our bed though.  One night he did want to stay in his own room but only if I slept next to him so I got out the air mattress and slept adjacent to him but I’m too pregnant to comfortably sleep on an air mattress now.

In pregnancy news, all is still going OK.  I have an achy back if I sit for too long at work but did get a hilarious risk assessment after enquiring about the possibility of getting someone to come and do a desk assessment in the hope of getting a better chair (I should avoid too much noise as pregnancy can make you have sudden mood swings!!).  I also have much worse heartburn at this stage than I did with A, especially from mid afternoon. I have finally caved in and taken Rennie’s but I needed two last night and it still didn’t fully sort it so I’m not looking forward to 10 more weeks of heartburn.  I had a bit of Carpal tunnel as well but that seems to have dissipated for no.

We’ve  not done anything too exciting since Christmas and New Year though.  We spent New Years eve with some friends and squeezed in a couple of board games (Ticket to Ride UK Map, Ticket to Ride Pennsylvania Map and Sherlock Holmes consulting detective).  On NY day A decided to dress up as Upsy Daisy from In the Night Garden and also play with a light saber…. of course!

This weekend we went for a chilly walk at Wentworth Castle.  A walked quite a bit but Mr.J had to do quite a lot of shoulder rides as well – despite A’s muddy wellies!  On Sunday it had snowed so we had a quick play in the garden and built a snow….duck or two; A wanted to play for longer but he’s full of a cold and had massive snot rockets so I persuaded him to come back inside, especially since Mr.J had got him in the face/head with a snowball!  As I was making said snow creatures I realised I’ve never really made a snowman before…. that’s pretty obvious from the photos really (see below!) but I’m sure I’ll get more chances to practise and improve over the next few years though.

This afternoon we did some painting.  We’ve done some play dough recently but that wasn’t as messy as the painting….  A had lots of fun and he was entertained for almost an hour which is incredible since his attention span is about 2 minutes usually.




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