2 years 2 months

Lazy picture spam, most of which were taken today on a cold trip to the playground.  He had a great time!

Last week, he had a chest infection so was off nursery for a couple of days but he took his banana (toxic yellow coloured) medicine like a trooper so he’s fine now 🙂  We haven’t done loads recently – the weather has been so wet and miserable.  We’ve started going to playgroup fairly regularly on a Wednesday and he really enjoys it; mostly because he seems to find and devour all the other children’s biscuits and toast but he does also love the songs at the end.  I’ve also switched my working pattern so I’m off on Monday’s which means we’ve been able to go to a local playgroup a couple of times too and he also really loved the songs there too- though somehow he ended up lying on the floor laughing whilst we all sang the hokey cokey around him…..

I’ve been busy preparing for the arrival of mini JenkinSunts the 2nd by printing and laminating loads of games for A; mostly pairs and matching type games, in the naive hope we can play these together whilst the baby feeds/sleeps (obviously we’ll just end up watching b****y Bing…..).  He does seem to like them but he hasn’t really grasped pairs just yet so we just try to find pictures that look the same.  His love for his alphabet jigsaw hasn’t diminished and when it’s finished we get a recital of the full alphabet song; it’s coming along nicely with the exception of ‘l,m,n,o,p’ which all sounds like the same sound.  He loves ‘singing’ other songs too – the Grand old Duke of York and Twinkle, Twinkle especially.

He finally had his first hair cut today!  It doesn’t really look much different as it wasn’t exactly long but the random, wispy, sticky out hairs have gone and it’s just a bit neater really.  We had to have an emergency car potty-stop yesterday as he announced about 5 minutes after leaving nursery that he needed a poo so after several weeks of having a potty in the boot it finally came in handy.

He knows lots of his books really well now and will tell you the next line or more.  His favourites are ‘Toddle Woddle’, ‘How to catch a star’ and ‘The tiger who came to tea’ at the moment.


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