2 years 3 months and 1 week

First of all before anyone gets excited, baby JenkinSunts the 2nd is still happily in utero but it’s only 10 days until my due date now so hopefully they’ll decide to come and meet us all in the not too distant future.

So what’s been happening since my last post?  Mr. J returned safely home from Vancouver and very much enjoyed his 2 days of skiing whilst he was there– lucky thing.  I started maternity leave a couple of weeks ago and got some lovely flowers and chocolates from work colleagues – thanks!!  On the extra day I’ve had with A (he’s still going to nursery twice a week) we’ve baked fairy cakes, chocolate rice krispie cakes and oaty biscuits so if anyone has non-baking based toddler friendly play suggestions, please let me know!  He does love baking eating sweet baking mix though; no prizes for working out where he gets his sweet tooth from :S

On the two days each week when A has been at nursery I’ve had a luxurious pregnancy massage, been to the cinema to see Deadpool and met up with friends for coffee and lunch.  Lovely.  I’ve also done a fair bit of house work too so it’s not all fun!

I also had the pleasure of eating at a Michelin starred restaurant – The Man Behind The Curtain, in Leeds, for VPMs big birthday last weekend.  I was quite nervous as I’m not the most adventurous eater but it was all amaaaaaaaazingly delicious.  Thanks to Aunty C for babysitting and Mr. J for driving me (and waiting!) in Leeds just in case we had a baby emergency.

As for A, he’s starting to get more and more of his own (my!!) personality.  He can definitely jump now and I think one or more of the last 3 of his 2nd molars are coming through as he’s dribbling copious amounts at night and chewing his fist lots this week.  I don’t have any good videos but the biggest change is his ever increasing vocabulary and ability to have conversations.  This wasn’t exactly a conversation but it did make me smile (behind my back!).

A: “Stop talking”

Me: “That’s not a very nice thing to say.”

A: “Mummy please stop talking”

He also has a very good memory and can recite loads of his books.  He still chooses the same 3 books every bedtime but I’m surprised when he recites lines from books we’ve not read for weeks and weeks.  His problem solving skills are also right up there.  He threw a football over a stair gate at VPMs this week and I thought that was that until he immediately reached through and lifted it up, balanced it against his face whilst he moved one arm out to get it over and ta-da it was back inside the room.  He learnt quite a while ago that he could retrieve his step stool and climb pretty much anywhere and reach lots of stuff too….

Here’s the pic spam anyway:


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