It’s been one month …

…since you looked at me, cocked your head to the side and said “Feed me”

and therein ends the BareNaked Ladies song as I can’t think of anything else!

But here starts a ridiculous amount of picture spam.  There’s been a lot of stuff to capture in the last month!  Highlights of the past month have included a trip to Yorkshire Wildlife Park, surviving the 5 hour drive to and from Bournemouth for Uncle Pao Chickens 30th birthday party, and a lovely time there, and managing to keep us all fed and safe on the few days I’ve had to look after two children on my own.  Miss. A is certainly the easier of the two to look after most of the time!

The weather has been a bit crap to say the least over the last week with hail and snow fairly frequently so that’s meant we haven’t been on as many walks around the block as usual but it’s still one of Mr.A’s favourite activities.  He likes to collects sticks and throw them in the water and he also tells us as soon as he sees any catkins on the floor and explains that they’ve fallen off the tree.  He has been doing lots more imaginative play, especially being a doctor and cooking, and he’s helped Mr.J wash the car and jumped in MANY puddles! We also had a fun afternoon looking after Baby Dave, who needed his nappy changing, and he needed feeding (“Where are my boobies?”) and carrying in the sling.  He’s gonna make an awesome Dad when he grows up! He still loves his little sister to bits and she’s the first person he asks about in the morning, he likes to stroke her head and cuddle her, help by putting the cot mobile on and play in the baby gym with her.  I really hope this loving sibling relationship lasts…..

Miss.A is changing quickly and certainly growing fast.  The JenkinSunts family resemblance is certainly there but the more I look at her, the more I think she looks different to Mr.A but you can judge for yourself… This is his equivalent blog if it helps.  We’ve had a few pretty tough evenings recently where she’s been a tad grumpy (!) but on the whole she’s pretty happy being cuddled, especially in the sling, and feeding.  She had an MRSA eye infection so we’ve had to put drops in her eyes and clean them and use some special cream up her nose and a special wash but it’s all sorted now 🙂

Sleep doesn’t seem too bad really; she seems to wake fairly consistently at 1am ish and 4-5am ish at the moment but I’ve been going to bed earlier (9-10pm) ish to get a bit of sleep in before then if she settles.  She’s not massively keen on going back in her cot/moses basket/sleepyhead after one or both of those wake ups but sometimes she does and I’m much more chilled out about just having her in the bed than I was with Mr.A.  4 in a king size bed can be a squeeze, especially when one is Mr.A and he’s sleeping horizontally, but me and Mr.J are good at sleeping with less than 50% of ourselves in the bed now.



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