Two months!

Hello! As usual, the passage of time feels incredibly swift and it’s very scary for me to realise that Miss.A is 2 whole months old and I’m a quarter of the way through maternity leave. It really does feel like only yesterday that the midwife came for our 3 day check. But, like our giant sunflowers, Miss.A is growing quickly and changing lots – most notably, smiling lots and ‘talking’ to us.


Meanwhile Mr.A has (touch wood) been through a phase of hitting Miss.A but is now on the whole being a very loving big brother (“I stroke A on the head veeeeeeery gently”). He’s really made me chuckle with some of the phrases he’s said recently too.  Mr.J threw an empty plastic bottle across the kitchen (yeah, great parenting there Mr.J!) to which Mr.A said “We DON’T throw things Dad-deeee!! We only throw soft balls!”. His annunciation was what made it hilarious though as it was a real telling off and I had to cover my mouth to hide my giggle.  There have been so many funny moments recently but I’m struggling to recall them and I think they’re probably only funny to me and/or when you hear how he says them anyway so I won’t bore you but here he is talking to Grandad J on the phone.

Not too many “events” to report on this month – a trip to Abbeydale Miniature railway, which Mr.A really enjoyed; albeit in some awesomely feminine pink and silver starred leggings as he had an accident in the park during our picnic beforehand and we hadn’t packed spare pants so he had to borrow some. We also went to Jump, our local trampoline centre, where Mr.A had a fantastic time bouncing around. I’m sure we’ll go again, hopefully with another responsible adult so I can have a good jump as I had Miss.A in the sling so we only had a very gentle bounce. Mr.J was away in London for a week for the 3rd (and final – wahoo!) part of his EEP course and we survived a week of me solo parenting. The house was even moderately clean so I’m chalking that up as a win!  We’ve made the most of any dry weekend days and played Kubb in the garden a few times too – Mr.A likes to hold one of the throwing sticks and Miss.A is happy in the sling, just enough handicap for me to make it an even match between me and Mr.J 😉

I had a lovely birthday weekend and we’ve all enjoyed the unusually good bank holiday weather.  We’re off to London on the train next weekend.  I’m hoping to sow the seeds of science for Mr.A with trips to the Natural History Museum and the Science Museum. Wish us luck!!


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