11 weeks and 2.5yrs

It’s 10.30pm, I’m tired and massively regretting not buying copious amounts of chocolate when we had an emergency pit stop at the supermarket earlier on the way home from nursery today!  A2 was screaming her little heart out so I stopped to feed her and then A1 announced he needed a poo.  Then A2 needed a nappy change and despite being fed and changed still screamed for almost all of the journey home and nothing helped to calm her down.  A1 is finally asleep now, A2 is feeding (and has been very happy since we got home!) and Mr.J is watching England v Sri Lanka at Trent Bridge.

Our trip to London was great.  A1 was very well behaved on the train, albeit his usual chatty and inquisitive self!  It was REALLY hot the weekend we went, so once we got to our apartment he needed an ice lolly 🙂


We went to the Natural History Museum and the Science Museum.  A1 loved the dinosaurs and the trains and water play in the Science Museum.  We had a picnic lunch in Regents Park and took a trip on a riverboat.  Despite several trips in G’s “(s)ling”, he didn’t nap but the swaying motion of the boat was enough to lull him to sleep.  Sadly, he’d just drunk a whole carton of juice so we interrupted the nap with a toilet trip!

On the Monday, we went to London Zoo before the train home.  We saw tigers, penguins, tapir and best of all, gorillas with baby gorillas!  The mum gorilla had one on her back and a teeny tiny one on her arm and the dad gorilla, a big silverback, came rushing out and banged on the window at us to protect his family.  I’ve never seen tigers or gorillas that close before; it’s amazing but also a little sad that they don’t have more room.

We officially wore A1 out as he fell asleep on Mr.J on the train at about 2.45pm until 4pm but was still asleep at bedtime at 7.45 which is absolutely unheard of!


No other major news or events from here really.  A1 has all 2o baby teeth now, as confirmed by the dentist this week.  He is becoming more and more independent.  All we hear at the moment is “I can do X all by myself!”.  He now gets his own plates, bowls, cups and cutlery out and he helps himself to water from the fridge dispenser and fruit from the fridge.  He’s 2 and a half now but is already showing signs of being a threenager; curling up on the floor and saying “leave me alone” after bath time and “Dad-deeee, you are doing my nut in! You are doing my nut in!!”.  He was also rather adorable when he said “I go check on A2.”  then when he was there “You OK A2.  I am here.” and when I came in “I lub (love) her so much”.  I think we’ve reached peak cuteness…..

A2 rolled over yesterday – very scary as she’s only 11 weeks; that’s way too soon!  She was very determined and kept getting stuck on her arm but got there in the end.  Hopefully it’ll be a while before she does it again.  It’s exciting seeing all the changes and developments but also sad as the firsts become lasts.  She’s generally a very very happy young lady though and very smiley!



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  1. Looks like you guys had an awesome time! I’m impressed that your 2.5 year old is toilet trained too – I was trying so hard to get my son trained before his brother was born but he was not having one bit of it! I dread outings with him when we actually get there, because he’s not the type who will want to stop something to go to the toilet!

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