3 months (and 4 days)

3 months and a few days old! Time has flown by and A2 is changing so much. Her arms and legs are really filling out now and her head control is really good and she just wants to stand up all the time! She’s feeding pretty regularly still (3 hourly at night and a bit more often in the day) but she settles back to sleep fairly easily most of the night time. She’s very smiley and cheerful and very squawky and chatty. Her hair may even by a few millimetres long in patches now. The pile of clothes that are too small is increasing rapidly and I don’t think I can get away with her wearing sleepsuits in the day, every day for much longer. Especially as she has a wardrobe full of cute clothes to wear.

A2 is still very caring towards her too and often tells her things are OK because he’s here! All 3 of us whizzed down the wavy slide at soft play a few weeks ago too and he keeps asking when she can play with his trains. I hope he still feels the same way when she is able to play with him……


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