Holiday and other recent snaps!

We went on holiday.  I have never travelled with as much luggage in my life but we made it!  It did help that Grandma and Grandad J were there so we had two extra pairs of hands.  The sling was very handy for both kids though.

img_20160905_070415620 mallorca-september-2016-3

A1 and A2 slept for most of the outbound flight but that’s where the good sleeping ended sadly.  It was hot and quite hard work at times but also very, very lovely (though it’ll be very difficult to live up to our previous, pre-children adventures!).   Highlights included lots of lovely food, lots of fun around and in the pool, A1 spontaneously declaring his love for Grandparents and thanks to said Grandparents a bit of peace and quiet for Mr.J and I to enjoy a lunch out and a drink afterwards!


The low point was probably A1 being sick on the windy mountain journey.  We’d already spent 20 minutes getting our atrocious hire car to stop beeping loudly before we could set off and then in failing to prepare, we had prepared to fail as we had no spare clothes for him so he had to wear Mr.Js t-shirt.  He didn’t care at all but we didn’t look like the classiest family and then both kids slept in the car on the way home and were awake for ages in the evening so me and Mr.J had a lovely meal alongside two very awake children….


A1 loved hanging about around (and sometimes in) the pool, the beach and chocolate ice creams.  Me and Mr.J were less keen on the beach but we just about coped!

A2 has been drooling like the niagara falls and whether it was teeth, growth spurt, the heat or something else she decided to up her feeds a lot so that was literally and quite emotionally draining at times but it was nice to have an excuse to just sit and rest! She liked the beach and playing with A2 and the playground.


As you may have spotted from some of the above photos, A2 is getting pretty good at sitting up now.  And rapidly going through the stages of learning to crawl! Look out for more updates in my regular monthly post 🙂


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