7 months!

For some reason this blog post has snuck up on me so it’ll mostly be pictures this month!

Movement: Erm… lots!! A2 has absolutely nailed crawling and pulling herself up to standing on things, making nappy changes really hard work and everywhere pretty unsafe. For some reason she loves to head to the basket with the wipes and nappies in. She’s not too confident at moving along when she’s standing just yet but she’s happy to hold on with one hand and pivot around.  She’s also very happy to sit herself back down….and then up again with her big strong legs!

Eating:  She’s been a bit under the weather this last week and has a horrid cough and all the snot so eating has taken a bit of a back seat the last few days but she’s still enjoying exploring different tastes and textures.  Based on her poo’s some of the softest stuff is making it’s way through though her gag reflex seems quite far forward still but I’ve seen a few bits of porridge, plum and sweet potato!  Like A1 she loves baby corn but unlike him she seems to enjoy a bit of water from her cup.  I don’t have as many food photos as I’d like as it’s a bit hectic trying to eat my own food, help A1 and continually pick up food for A2.

Sleeping:  It’s been very up and down this last month, and certainly not helped by the virus she’s had.  However, she sometimes naps and stays asleep! in her pram and I think she did a longer stretch one night this week.  Evenings are not good at all though – I’ve been trying to get her to sleep in her cot but she tends to wake within 20-45 minutes and after that we just bring her downstairs and she sleeps in my arms and feeds back to sleep on and off all evening.  It’s certainly not ideal as there’s a heap of stuff I’d like to knit but if the only alternative is to spend all evening upstairs on my own with her trying to get her to sleep upstairs, I’d rather just take the easy way out.  Based on A1, where we tried to keep him in his room once he was asleep, it didn’t seem to make any difference other than making us stressed out that he wouldn’t go back to sleep so I figure why bother with the stress!  This is what happens when I have to do bedtime for them both solo though.  Quite cute!


Play:  A2 loves interacting with people, especially peek-a-boo.  Watching Lyra is the easiest form of entertainment ever but we had lots of fun yesterday using the space blanket as a parachute and hiding underneath it.  She also had lots of run pulling this blue box toward her and then tipping it back over and then banging it.  Every time it fell over she would laugh.  I’m not sure what schema that relates to but I’m sure she’s learning something.  She liked going on the swings with me and she enjoys going for walks outside – probably just appreciating a change of scene and looking at the trees!

She loves trying to join in with A1 and trying to eat whatever he’s playing with. Sometimes he is great and takes things off her and replaces them with something more suitable (for him and her!), other times he’s a bit more aggressive and pushes her but we’re working on that.  She loves the bath, and is usually even happier once A1 gets in.  Seeing them ‘playing’ nicely together is lovely!

Teeth:  Zero teeth have poked through.  She’s still a dribbly mess and constantly gnawing away at things, especially fingers!

Communication:  She’s making ‘mama’, ‘dada’ and ‘baba’ sounds more frequently and she definitely notices a few keywords including her name and A1’s name.  I haven’t done very much signing with her but I should probably start doing a few key words as it was helpful with A1.

A1:  I could write even more about A1 than usual as he’s been quite up and down this month!  I really don’t want to jinx it but for the last 3 nights he has stayed in his own bed once he’s woken up.  Mr.J has had to get in with him but we feel that’s a positive step. Even though I’m not a big fan of the idea of reward charts and stickers, I figured we had little to lose so he’s got a big sheet of Thomas stickers to go at and he gets one if he stays in his own bed all night.  He’s been so excited when he’s come down in the morning saying ‘I slept in my own bed all night!’.

We’ve had fun baking and doing potato stamping.  Though I had to leave him to answer the door and stop a delivery man from waking A2 up and when I returned he had thickly coated his hands in paint and was clapping wildly and flicking paint everywhere!!

He is still loving playing with trains;  his current favourite thing is to make a new track all the time.  This is my best ever effort I think – though I lost points in Mr.Js scoring system as I didn’t use all the pieces…..He is absolutely loving singing songs at the moment. He listens to Baby Beatles by Caspar Babypants in the car with Mr.J and often sings lines from choruses and returned home from nursery singing Christmas songs!!!


Other life stuff:  We’ve bought some planters to brighten up the garden and have planted some winter plants and spring bulbs.  However, it’s been so mild recently that some of the bulbs have started to grow but now it’s got much colder I don’t think they’re gonna do so well! And, we played all of these games and more, with the exception of Puerto Rico, on holiday.  We had a great time and made the most of the mild autumn weather. Holiday pics to follow soon….maybe.



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