9 months!

A2 is 9 months old today.  How the heck did that happen?!  She’s such a happy person, as well as quite loud, and easily irritated and impatient…. so now I’m seeing myself mirrored in both of my children!  A2’s update is up first this month.

Movement:  It’s almost as if she knew it was blog time as out of nowhere last night she decided to climb up 5 steps on the stairs so we’re well and truly in the danger zone now.  She’s getting faster at crawling, coasting more quickly and occasionally standing on her own for a few seconds too.

Eating:  She’s really enjoying exploring food at the moment.  When she sits in the high chair she bangs her hands on the tray to demand her food! She seems to like everything she’s tried so far but it’s mostly soft stuff which is being ingested, naturally.  In particular, Organix carrot crisps, sweet potato, pear and any form of mushy dip.  For someone with no teeth at all she manages to gnaw apple slices into smaller pieces though so I’m sure she’s enjoying harder foods too, if only as a teething aid!


Sleep:  Evenings are mostly still spent in my arms.  It’s quite lovely but also quite uncomfortable.  But, on the whole, nights aren’t too bad with 2-3 wake ups on average.


Play:  Her favourite things seem to be eating Brio and Duplo people, trying to eat jigsaws and paper, clambering over and destroying the Brio train track and pulling Lyra’s fur!  She got some musical toys for Christmas which she loves shaking and gnawing on and some wobbly stacking balls which she loves to knock down., as well as playing with all the things on the amazing busy board which Grandad B made.

Teeth:  Still no teeth!


Communication:  She’s very loud and shrieky at times but is definitely working on other sounds, including “Da da” and when she seems especially frustrated or angry, “Mmmmmmma ma!”.  She also does a very cute thing when people talk to her when she’s in my arms – she smiles and then gets all shy and rests her head on my chest.  Quite adorable.

It’s been a very busy few weeks here too; A1’s birthday party, Christmas and New Year.  We’ve had a fantastic time and it’s been great to see lots of our family and friends.

Mr.J and me made A1 a Gruffalo cake for his birthday, as per his request.  Here’s the process in picture step by step!  We used this really helpful ‘How to’ and we were really pleased with the result.  It looked and tasted great!



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