11 months tomorrow!

Straight into A2’s monthly update I think!

Movement:  She still crawls most places, at great speed,  but she is pushing objects around and coasting more frequently.   She occasionally stands without pulling herself up on things now but she hasn’t made any steps forward yet and as soon as she wants to go forwards she sits back down and then crawls!  She mastered safely getting off the sofa and bed for a day but hasn’t done it since.   She’s almost nailed clapping now though and her wave is getting better.


Eating: I said last month that I didn’t think there was anything that she didn’t like but I don’t think she’s super keen on banana.  She loves chilli and bolognese though and she’s getting better and better and getting the spoon (with food still on it) into her mouth.

Sleep:   She still doesn’t do a long stint in the evenings on her own but she’s fine if she sleeps in my arms or in the sling.  I’ve had a few evenings out this month where she had to go to sleep for Mr.J and she was pretty upset when I left her but she did fall asleep OK in the end. Once she’s in bed with me she seems to do a longish stint some nights but she’s struggling with some excema at the moment and I think that’s been itchy at night time recently so she’s been a bit more grumbly.

Play: She has discovered the joy of reading this month!  She crawls off and pulls books off the shelf and waves them around and bounces up and down and makes her excited ‘ooooooh’ noise.   Then when you’ve read one or two pages she crawls off – short attention span!  I’d say ‘That’s not my angel’ is her favourite though as she sometimes sits through the whole book.  She is also really having fun on the scuttlebug and in the car.  She bounces up and down on the scuttlebug and shuffles backwards now too.  She loves ‘drawing’ with A1’s megasketcher thingie (and eating the ‘pen’) and looking at photographs of people.  We often look at the photos we have up in the house and I’ve made her a ‘family book’ with laminated pictures of close family in which she loves. The two things guaranteed to get a laugh are my dancing (!) and tickles though, especially under her chin ❤

She’s been having fun bashing these cups together and for some reason this GIF makes me laugh so I thought I would share it 🙂


Teeth:  She’s got 4 teeth now!  The bottom right front tooth is through and catching up to the other one quickly and the top right front tooth is all the way through too so she looks like a bit of a snaggletooth but I don’t think that’ll last too long.  She loves brushing them too (excuse my ridiculous woohoo’s and/or post natal hair re-growth; it’s epically bad at the moment)


Communication:  In the last few days she’s started making more consonant sounds;  a few guh guh sounds and lots of da-da-da sounds. Also some strange grunting sounds and a mixture of a raspberry and a ‘thhhhhhhhhh’ lispy sound.  My favourite is the ‘I’m excited/I’d like that ‘ooooooooooooh‘noise’.  She also says ‘a!!’ at the cat and just generally so I think that’s the start of ‘cat’ as well as other words.   She’s started to point very deliberately at things and makes it very clear what she does or does not want.   Yesterday, I gave her another maltie and she clearly didn’t want another so she very deliberately picked it up, leant over her high chair and dropped it on the floor!

In other news, A1 had a fantastic weekend with his Grandma and Grandad and Aunty and Uncle with a trip on a steam train and lots of role playing shops and trains at home and reading one of his library books over and over and over…. He’s been loving jigsaws for a few months now and easily completed four 42 piece puzzles by himself this week.  He’s been learning lots of the alphabet too; I think he can recognise about 2/3 of the alphabet now, depending on the font.  He’s not overly keen on writing though, and when he is interested it’s never for very long but he did paint Aunty C some lovely pictures to cheer her up this week and he drew this picture of Andy (from CBeebies “Andy’s Dinosaur Adventures”) watching a Diplodocus eating a tree.  If you look carefully,  you can see that Andy has a path to walk on, feet, eyes, nose and hair!


He and A2 had loads of fun crawling through his tunnel this week – lots of lovely giggles all round.  After a bath he likes to wrap a towel around himself like a cape and say (in a squeaky voice) “I’m the queeeeeeen! My name is Ee-liz-a-beth”.  We were dancing around after tea to Iron Maiden “Run to the hills” and he now knows the intro, chorus and drum solo.  I have a brilliant video of him running around our bedroom naked singing and drumming but from the research I’ve done I’ll be in a world of pain trying to edit it to preserve his modesty in iMovie so I can’t share it 😦 .  I’ve been trying to teach him to do rock hands but he says “I can’t do the ones” so I’ve taught him to point with just his index finger and then turn his hand over and put them together to do ‘too much rock for one hand’.

Oh, and here is this years World Book Day effort – Green Crayon from ‘The Day the Crayon’s Quit’.


We also had a great walk around the ‘Room on the Broom’ trail.  It’s a flat, 2 mile walk and A1 legged it around the first half and wasn’t even bothered by the wind and even though he flagged on the 2nd half he walked all the way around.   I forgot the sling though but thankfully I made a makeshift hip carry with Aunty H’s scarf!  There was also a great playground there too.   I made A2’s hat myself too – I am now quite good at Kitchener bind off after having turned it inside out and then made a seam on the outside for some crazy reason!  I was impressed that I managed to unpick it and redo it; all whilst A2 was asleep on me too.

And these are just a few random pictures which didn’t fit in elsewhere in this months blog but there were too many smiles not to share them!


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