17 months and a wet week in Wales

It’s feels like another crazily busy month. Me and Mr.J have been to watch a day of Test cricket, we’ve all been away camping for a long weekend, had friends over for a BBQ at the Bank Holiday weekend, enjoyed a wet week in Wales and ordered a new car!

I’ve got a lot of photos to share as a result so I’m going to try and keep A2s update brief.  You can always just skip the words and look at the pictures though!

Movement:  She is getting better at taking small steps down without having to use her hands and she’s got a lot of confidence at climbing recently. Copying A1 in playgrounds, rocky beaches and sofa jumping antics!

Eating: Some days she eats lots, others not so much. And when she doesn’t want something to makes it clear by pushing her plate away still. Sadly, Pom Bear, cheese and raisins have become favourites. I am still offering a fairly varied diet though honestly and this chocolatey mess was made with only about 1/3 of a biscuit!


Teeth: The top and bottom first molars are all completely through now.  I haven’t had a great look but I think the top canines are quite bulgy so they may be imminent. 12 down. 8 to go! You can see a few when she smiles now!


Sleep: At home she can manage with just one nap around midday now but the car will always win if we are driving for long enough anywhere near nap time. Mr.J has had some successful solo bedtimes but we’ve still not really cracked any longer stints.  Mr.J sent me a photo of her asleep when I went to WI with the caption “Easy”.

Maybe he was talking about himself as he clearly finds it easy to nod off any time of day!


Playing: She has been enjoying pushing the trains and cars around at home and going on her new trike. She has been playing more with A1 – chasing each other and shouting and giggling. And she’s been doing lots of scribbling and colouring (and eating crayons and felts) and she loves stickers.

Communication: After being a bit concerned about her (comparative) lack of speech I think this is where she’s changed the most in the last month. I’m now “Ninny” (it’s better than nothing or “Daddy”) and she has sounds for “more”, “drink”, “train”, “chair and “sky” now.  In general she is making a lot more conversational like babbling and she’s using nodding and shaking her head in context when you ask her questions.  She started roaring at dragons in the ironwork on the benches at the railway platform and had carried on doing it at other dragon-less benches ever since!

As for A1, he’s been a handful on holiday – I am hoping it’s a combination of tiredness, lack of routine and missing having other 3.75 yo to play with and just generally how hard it is to be 3.75.  The weather in Wales for our week away was also rather wet so that didn’t make it as easy to run off steam and be out and about as we would have liked.  We had a lovely day on Anglesey, a trip on the Llanberis lake railway, the Welsh Highland Railway and the Ffestiniog railway though!  Traintastic.  The Ffestiniog was my favourite.




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