19 months

This post is so late!  It doesn’t feel like we’ve been any busier than usual but I have been out and about ‘gallivanting’ in the evenings more recently so I guess that’s why I’m behind!  I’ve joined a badminton club – though my attendance is patchy so far thanks to work, Mr.J being at work, mastitis (!!) and general fatigue.  I’ve also been to see Simon Amstell with Aunty C, Thor with VPM and Public Service Broadcasting with Mr.J.

I’ll jump into A2s update and then wrap up with some A1 and family stuff at the end.

Movement:  Can’t think much has changed on this front really.  She’s starting to try to jump but isn’t getting her feet off the floor yet.  She loves to dance and often jiggles away in her booster seat when we are eating and have music on!

Eating:  Totally up and down with food at the moment.  Unless it’s a felt tip or a crayon which will always get eaten.  Yesterday we had a little roast dinner and she nailed her Yorkshire pudding (obvs) and was demanding more of mine (I do love my children so much that I do share my Yorkshire’s 😮 ) but I said she needed to eat some of her other food first and she gobbled all the carrots up.  Possibly because she just really wanted more Yorkshire…


Teeth: . No new ones still.  I had a really good feel a couple of weeks ago and the back molars are definitely on their way up though.  She just laid back and let me massage her gums and kept smiling and saying “more!”

Sleep:  It’s still pretty broken.  Apart from the one very random night where she slept 11-5 and I slept on my front and ended up with a blocked duct and mastitis!  Aunty C (and Mr.J) have had a few evenings with a very sad A2 watching Teletubbies and/or Twirlywoo’s when she’ woken up in the evening.

Playing:   Jigsaws – she has just gone from struggling to do the big pieced, wooden ones that slot in to the board to being able to do all the ones we have really quickly with very little assistance.  She is still enjoying colouring and she loves playing with the Duplo figures – sometimes to A1’s dismay when he’s using them as part of one of his Octonaut’s/Go Jetters/other TV-based imaginative play….. She loves just wearing her Twirlywoo back pack and when he’s in the mood, her and A1 often just run about being giddy together!

Communication:  If we go somewhere unfamiliar or meet new people she doesn’t say much but other than that she’s really starting to build up a good vocabulary of sounds now.  I’m not sure if other people would always be able to tell what she is saying but I can recognise a fairly long list of (slightly random and not always practical) words now.

She still nods and shakes her head a lot., though she does say “moooo” for ‘No’ and if you give her a choice of things she will sometimes reply with one of the choices.  For example, in IKEA last week I asked if she wanted more chips or more peas after she had said ‘More’ and she quite clearly replied ‘Peeeeas!’ (and just ate loads of peas!).  Also, she doesn’t say ‘cat’ at all – all cats are “Why-wa”.  She dropped/threw her Toodle-hoo into the toilet this week (partly thanks to A1 opening the lid and pointing toward it!) and at bedtime when she asked for it, I explained she was soggy and needed washing and she repeated “soggy” (it’s a lot like ‘goggy’ aka ‘dog).  She was looking at a family book and I hear her say ‘ma-maa’ and looked up to see she was pointing to a picture of Grandma J.

Sound wise I can recognise: more, please (psss), thank you (tha you), no (mooo), milk, robot, sticker, sheep, chicken, drink, apple, banana, nappy, fish, tractor, spoon, book, train, bear, hot, paper, teeth, dog, shoes, hat, coat….

Edited to add a bunch of sounds I forgot: poo, boobie, baby, bath, bed, back, back pack, badge, snake, pat, slippers, ball… I’m sure there are more but this is more accurate now for when I look back!

I think my favourite thing right now is that when I say ‘I love you’ she puckers right up and gives me a big kiss!


As for A1, he’s had a busy month.  We borrowed a bike from the neighbours to test for size and he very nearly got the hang of riding independently in just two short outings really but he has to wait until his birthday for his own bike!  We went to the National Space Centre last weekend which he quite enjoyed and we did Magna Mayhem in half term week which he really loved too.  He’s building lots of robots and Gups and Go Jetter vehicles with the Duplo and doing lots of imaginative play with them.  He also sings random snippets of songs quite a lot now – baby beatles and songs from films we’ve watched recently so Moana, Trolls and Frozen! He’s been redecorating his walls and moving his Thomas stickers around and he loved the glow in the dark glasses Grandma brought for Halloween.  He also went to see Paddington 2 with Aunty C yesterday and enjoyed his hot chocolate beforehand!

We enjoyed sparklers and fireworks on bonfire night and we’ve had some good puddle jumping too!



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