Name: Dr. JenkinSunts

Location: England

Occupation:  Currently a full time Mummy until maternity leave finishes but after that it will be part time Mummy and part time Operational Researcher (aka data monkey and all-round geek).  The Dr part of my name comes from my previous labcoat wearing days as a PhD graduate in molecular microbiology but I was a bit too clumsy to work in a lab forever.

Family:  Mr. JenkinSunts (husband), A – our little boy, Little Sunts (sister) and Lyra (chubby cat – although as of Feb 2013 thanks to a strict regime imposed by the vet, a little less chubby!)

Hobbies:  Lots, including (in no particular order)… reading (sci-fi, fantasy, etc but definitely nothing non-fictional), knitting, crochet, sewing, learning piano, cooking and board games*, and in somewhat of a contrast to the aforementioned hobbies, playing football**, hockey** and netball and watching most sports.

* Not your average board games, only certain high quality ones….

** As a UK-based blogger, by football I mean “soccer” and by hockey I mean field hockey, not ice hockey!


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