14 months

Thanks to being back at work I haven’t had much time to think about this month’s blog post but as I’m no literary genius I’m sure you won’t notice the difference anyway!  The only major ‘event’ for the JenkinSunts has been me going back to work and A2 starting at nursery.

Me and Mr.J did The Crystal Maze in Manchester, which was amazing!!!  I did a physical challenge and had to move some wooden things up and down to make a ball move downwards through a kind of maze thingie…by running on a giant wooden hamster wheel.  It was knackering but I won a crystal!!!! My other challenge was a skill one in the Aztec zone which was just a maths problem but I just listened to everyone else and didn’t engage my brain at all and we didn’t get that crystal.  We got 9 crystals in total and had 45 seconds in the Crystal Dome and we were well chuffed with our haul of foil…until our score came up on the screen as 112 when the average is about 200 and the top score was 999. Ah well, we had loads of fun!!


Anyway, enough about us, I know you’re mostly interested in the kids.  But, it’s Saturday night and I’m pretty tired so I’m going to be super lazy and spam you with photos instead of the usual detail.  A2 is settling into nursery well (phew!!) but nothing much has changed.  No new teeth, the main new movement/communication is nodding her head (particularly when she does something she knows she doesn’t!) and climbing the playhouse ladder, no new words as such but lots more babbling and no sleep changes either.




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