17 months

I lost my previous draft of this post so I’ll let the pictures do the talking (mostly) this month!  We had a fabulous holiday in Spain with the P-Ms and it was definitely worth a 3 hour flight with a toddler, especially since he slept for half of the journey on the way there.  The way back wasn’t quite as easy but there were lots of friendly ladies on the plane who kept A entertained by waving, blowing kisses and playing peek a boo.

Spain 2015-1IMG_2778.2015-04-25_140022


Spain 2015-31 Spain 2015-33Spain 2015-40 Spain 2015-37

Movement:  He is one speedy thing now and he’s getting very quick at climbing too.  He also started to ‘jump’ on holiday; which consisted of putting his hands up into the air and rocking onto his tip toes and saying “juh!”.


I think his dance moves are also developing too!

Teeth:  The other upper first molar has broken through.  I last saw and felt one corner of it a few days ago but I’m not sure how much more of it has broken through as he stubbornly refuses to let me look.

Eating:  No new favourites other than the “choc choc’ he was given at Easter!  Obviously as responsible parents it was our duty to help him out with that though.  I thought he was really enjoying the calamari we had one lunch time until the squid popped back out and I realised it was just the batter he was licking off.  He’s got very good at stabbing things with a fork now and even Mr.J was much more relaxed about the mess when we ate al fresco on holiday.

IMG_2818.2015-04-28_163934 IMG_2851.2015-05-01_153213

Sleeping:  Things are very very very slowly improving by tiny tiny tiny amounts.  Mr.J has been able to get him to go to sleep in his cot most evenings.  Sometimes quickly, sometimes not so quickly.

Play:  So much to say here!  “Row row row your boat”, with accompanying seated rocking back and forth, was definitely the holiday theme tune.  Books are still as popular as ever and his attention span is increasing a little bit too so we sometimes get to read half of some books!  He’s going forwards on his scuttlebug now and he still really loves his car.  We had a couple of play dates before our holiday and he really enjoyed pushing his friends around in the car.  He was very lovely on holiday too and played really nicely with G and gave him lots of hugs and kisses and slightly overzealous pats!  And last but not least, it seems that a love of trains may be genetic as he really really really likes playing with Mr.Js train set – under close adult supervision.

IMG_2762.2015-04-22_100735 IMG_2758.2015-04-22_094306 Spain 2015-18IMG_2729.2015-04-18_081328

Communication:  Lots more new words – “Row row”, roar, duck, birdie, beep, choc(olate), book and door to name a few.  He loves saying Aunty C’s name and G’s name too; in fact, most mornings on holiday he woke up and kept saying “Bebe G!” and pointing to the door.  Most of the time he chooses to do his own thing but when he has a rattly chest and I ask him to do a cough he will have a good try and when we get home from nursery/work or when we hear the postman and I say “Go and see if we’ve got any letters and bring them to Mummy” he does as I ask!  Sadly the instances of compliance are far less frequent than the instances where he chooses to do his own thing!!


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