4 months

This cheeky munchkin is 4 months old tomorrow.  She’s quite cheerful, mostly. And when she’s unhappy about something she certainly lets us know.  She gets quite worked up very quickly and her eyes go all red and puffy and she does those little sad hitchy breaths 😥 She’s rolled over both ways but currently seems to have forgotten that she can do this, or perhaps it’s just that she prefers to see the world from an upright position as she still very much likes to be stood up and refuses to bend her knees. Unsurprisingly, she’s very much enjoying the jumperoo but the thing most guaranteed to earn you a big big smile is by smiling and talking to her!

And as for A1, I think he’s having some kind of leap as he is keeping us on our toes at the moment!  Lots of annoying high pitched squeaking, constantly responding to everything with “what??” and not listening and running off (in dangerous situations particularly).  All normal toddler stuff but flipping hard work!  He’s definitely grown too as he can now reach the light switch on his own and it’s not all bad as he is getting more independent and the other day he even managed to get a whole outfit out of his wardrobe himself.

As a family, we’ve been up to lots recently and have a busy few weeks ahead too. We had all the J’s visiting and enjoyed some glorious weather, we’ve been to see the Gruffalo (A1 was a bit scared when he came stomping out) and we’ve just got back from 4 nights camping in Wales where we all had a fantastic time – albeit with some late nights for A1. A1 surprised me as he threw up after tea one day (I think he ate too much and then ran around too much), and was completely nonchalant about it.  He just said ‘Oh, I’ve been sick’ and that was that!


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