55 days…

Where have 55 days gone?! Argh!!! Every time I take a baby grow or bodysuit that A has grown out of up to the attic to be put away I panic at how fast he is growing and how quickly the days go by.  These were taken when A was 6 weeks old….

Mr.J and A A Me and a serious A

and this week is our 8 week check up! A will get weighed again* and get his first vaccinations and I will also get a once over. All being well my stomach muscles will be knitting back together properly and I can play sports again – woohoo. I suspect what will actually happen is that I will run for about 5 minutes, my face will turn the colour of beetroot, I’ll sweat profusely and I’ll be hyperventilating like an asthmatic running a marathon. Oh, and I’ll ache for days afterward!

Enough about the future though, what about the last 2 weeks? Well, after our first trip to a Sheffield Slings playtime session I became obsessed with buying a carrier/sling and after a lot of indecision over whether to get a Sleepy Nico or a Connecta, I opted for this Connecta. We already love it, and that ‘we’ includes Mr.J too! A falls asleep in it almost immediately and it means I have my hands free to do exciting stuff housework. It’s also much easier to get on and off the tram with, upstairs and around shops with, and it’s pretty too!

 Selfie with A

We’ve been to get A’s passport photo taken (it’s awful, like all passport photos should be) and sent off for his passport.  Annoyingly I sent the wrong birth certificate; you have to send the one you have to pay for, as opposed to the free one.  This perplexes me slightly as I don’t understand the point of issuing the short (free) one if you can’t get other Government documents issued from it.  The correct one has now been posted so hopefully the passport will be on its way to us soon!

We’ve been out for lunch and for coffee with work friends and sling-wearing Mums (maternity leave is not cheap!) and I’ve been back to the dentist to have my proper crown put on (such fun!).  My lovely friend VPM also took a week off work to hang out with us and help us which was very kind of her.  She babysat whilst I had my hair cut, came to some Mums groups with us for tea and chats and accompanied us on our first ever trip to ALDI.  I think some of the other customers may have thought we were a lesbian couple as we pushed A in his pram as we didn’t trust the trolley seat and also as we were a bit over excited at identifying all of the fake brands; my particular favourite being ‘Norpak’, which tastes just like Lurpak.

Grandma and Grandad Jenkinson came over to stay and we all went out for a lovely Sunday lunch.  They also helped Mr.J babysit whilst I went out for a meal and karaoke (although I didn’t stay for much karaoke as I was worried about A and my boobs felt as though they might explode!).  Nanna P also visited this weekend so we went to the museum and showed her some of the sights of Sheffield!  Mr.J has had the day off today so we made this yummy chocolate and orange marble cake and went out for a lovely lunch at Tamper too.

Mr.J baking Mr.J cleaning up Mmmmmm...cake!

As far as parenthood goes, we’ve been getting a remarkable amount of sleep in the last two weeks as A has slept for 5 to 6 hours on quite a few nights recently.  I would like to add a disclaimer to any other parents reading this: we don’t think we have done anything to make this happen and we know we’re lucky.  We’re just appreciating it whilst it lasts!  In general, we are getting into more of a routine now though with feeds more spaced out during the day, fewer pooey nappies on the whole, feeding fairly regularly all through the evening followed by crying, wind and grumpiness from 9-midnight (11pm if we’re lucky) and then sleep between 12 and 5 to 6am.  The projectile vomiting has also reduced as I think A isn’t over eating as much now and his stomach has probably grown enough for him to cope with all the guzzling he does.  A is also determined to show us how strong his neck is too, lifting it up and looking from side to side when he is being burped and when he’s on his stomach.  As yet, we’ve still not had a social smile; I think we could have a serious chap on our hands….

A A A A Lyra photo bombing! Sleepy A

but he does like to boogie in his Bumbo 🙂

*I forgot to update my last post with his 6 week weigh-in statistics .  They were as follows:

Weight: 5kg; 50th centile, meaning he’s following his birth centile for weight (so the Health Visitor was very happy).  Length and head circumference were both 91st centile; taking after his Dad!


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