18 months

So. Tired.

Mostly pictures this month.

Thankfully A1 turned a corner and has been very sweet at times.  He’s been doing excellent tracing and can write his first name independently.  He’s also dound a new (even faster) gear on his bike and is now confident gliding down hills and around corners now.  He’s done lots of role play – pirates (he wore Aunty H and Uncle P out!), IgglePiggle, robots, etc.  He often insists on going to having to bed in IgglePiggles boat!  He also touched a snail at the Sealife centre….for about a nanosecond as he got a badge if he touched it!

Me and Mr.J also spent a day of annual leave each re-laying a bit of patio path…. probably overloaded the car (about 500kg!!) on one supply run but we got the job done thanks to me sweet talking the local hire place and acquiring a cement mixer!

Movement:  She’s able to come down the stairs forwards holding on to the wall or bannister (when she wants to…).  I have a video but she’s a total rudey dudey so can’t share it :/ She has learnt to pout and do proper kisses instead of just open mouthed sloppy kisses, she’s keen to walk more and she still loves dancing.


Eating: . She’s eating more at nursery now and generally seems to eat more at home too.

Teeth:  No idea what’s going on in there but her chin is very red and rashy this evening and nursery said she’d been chewing her clothes and hand lots today so I am guessing something is on the move.


Sleep:  What’s that?!  Certainly not something that happens for longer than 2 hours at a time or beyond 5.30am if this week is to go by.  And like her bigger brother, she has had her effort of sleeping holding onto a random item: a Duplo pig!

Playing: Drawing. Drawing. Drawing. And eating pens/crayons if you turn your head for any instant….She loved the fish at the aquarium this week too!

Communication: . Lots more sounds this month.  Lots of ‘B’ sounds – ball, bath, bum, banana (baba).  And as we’ve been eating a lot of raspberries and blackberries she’s come up with sounds for those – “ra-bry” and “ba-bry”!


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